First Day Of School And Separation Anxiety

First Day Of School And Separation Anxiety

First day of any beginning is exceptional and remembered even after many years of it; and that experience is cherished in our heart. First day of college or first day at office or first day at kitchen or first day at gym and the list goes on. We remember each of first days and its incidents pretty very well. But how many of us remember our first day at school.


At such early age, we generally don’t remember anything; neither do I. But parents of a child remember it very well. The greatest twist in my early parenting was so special that even today I can recall everything with all minute details, as it was just another day; when my child was about to go to pre-school. I was nervous, tensed and heart was beating faster as if I am going to attend an interview. I knew that it’s just matter of few hours of separation but unable to digest it.


When I left the little hands, there was question in sparkling eyes “Where are you going leaving  me behind?”


And I could only answer through my reassurance smile conveying, “I  will be there”.


Back at my place, home suddenly seems silent as never before; which I wished was when I was doing really important work earlier. Floor was a clean and no more toys to tumble upon, everything looked perfect but the life of the house was missing.


And suddenly, I felt clock had stopped ticking, checking my phone made me realize each second was passing like a minute. Somehow after dragging each task to the fullest, the time to receive my child was there. I was anxiously waiting, and when little hands came across my shoulders, I was relieved and took a deep breath. My child reacted, as though, whole world was once again normal. There was satisfaction in eyes and was elated to return home.


Generally, a child at early age thinks why parents send me to school? What they want me to learn? Is school such a good place, that even if I cry to my heart out, they leave me there.


Parents keep their heart strong yet looking at the weeping child and takes decision from mind for the better future of a child. Though at start, both parent and child take some time to adjust to the routine but later on get accustomed to it. This first day of school, just marks the commencement to our wonderful ride of education, and from here we get our wings to fly in the world. New chapter opens in our life unknowingly, which in future leads to open up many more chapters. Gratitude to our parents who started such a beautiful journey for us.


“You’re off to great places. Today is your Day! Your mountain is waiting, so get on your way!” - Dr Seuss


“New beginning accompanies new fears, new emotions and thus refine us.”

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