Pregnancy Month 1: Physical And Emotional Changes

Pregnancy Month 1: Physical And Emotional Changes

The beginning of pregnancy, essentially the beginning of a new phase of life and a whole new world of love, is sometimes overwhelming. Both your mind and body need to be taken care of. The changes that take place within your body and mind in this first month can be tricky to identify and sometimes, simply annoying. Knowing what to expect can make it easier to accept and deal with them.

Physical changes during pregnancy

Physical changes are not very pronounced during the first month of your pregnancy. On the outside, you look the same as the last month, and may not even realize that you are pregnant. Your breasts begin to swell and nipples become darker due to the production of estrogen, a pregnancy hormone. You might also urinate a bit more frequently than usual as your body produces more blood. Estrogen also increases your sensitivity to odor, which means you could develop an aversion to certain foods. Due to the hormone human chorionic gonadotropin released in your body in large amounts, you may experience some nausea and vomiting in the mornings. The nature of your vaginal discharge may be milky white, and you may notice spotting. While your body has just started to show these tiny changes, it might interest you to know that your baby has undergone a whole lot of physical change. In this short while, the baby has grown from a single cell to multiple cells and, by the end of the first month, can be seen on the ultrasound scan as a tiny dot!

Emotional changes during pregnancy

Though you may not see many physical changes in the first month, the emotional changes make their presence known very emphatically, caused by the gush of hormones coursing through your blood. Mood swings become a common problem to deal with, and you may go from being very happy that you are pregnant, to worried, depressed and weepy, irritated, or angry within a matter of days. These frequent mood changes are compounded by the tiredness that a pregnant woman sometimes feels due to the tremendous amount of energy her body spends on the growth of the baby. To help with these symptoms, 1 month pregnancy care of a pregnant mother should include eating wholesome and nutritious food, drinking adequate amounts of water, and learning some relaxation and meditation techniques. This should help with the physical tiredness as well as mood swings.

Tips for the first month of pregnancy

If you come to know that you are 1 month pregnant, it is better to avoid lifting heavy weights, physical and emotional stress, smoking, consuming alcohol, or taking medicines without a prescription. It is also advisable to communicate with your partner or your near and dear ones, read some good books, listen to soothing  music, learn some meditation or relaxation techniques that will help you throughout your pregnancy, and schedule regular visits to your doctor to ensure a smooth and healthy pregnancy.

Happy pregnancy to you!


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