Meet Fashion Fervent Mom: Sheeba Kochhar

Meet Fashion Fervent Mom: Sheeba Kochhar

This is the entrepreneurial story of Sheeba Kochhar, a mom who eat, sleep and dreams fashion through her brand ‘Belle Vous’ but was once a usual corporate HR girl.  Her zeal spills from her words and can inspire ‘n tempt any mom to try her hands on being an entrepreneur. 


1. My Mom Quotient

Being a new mum has been quite a journey so far, and I like to classify myself as a dedicated mum, trying to fit in my baby and my work in the so called “24 hrs” now. I never knew I could fit in 48 hrs in a day! As a mum, I’ve learnt that no matter what you are or what you do, you have to be available for your baby 24X7, everything else takes a back seat. I like to be as loving as possible towards my baby but still know when to say no, being a work-from-home mum my darling daughter sees me around all the time and wants to grab my attention, but I have understood how these “angelic-looks” can fool a person hence I try to be assertive wherever necessary!


2. My Mom Inc. Story:

The story of working for self, started in 2010, and being an MBA and in a corporate set-up in Human Resources, it was difficult to leave all and pursue my passion for fashion and making it readily available at economical and pocket-friendly price. But with the motivational help of my father and husband, I decided to plunge myself in this direction and hence my very first baby “Belle Vous” came into existence.

The meaning of my brand “Beautiful You” is exactly what I wanted to convey through my designs. I started with exhibitions, which turned into a formal showcase in Noida and now I am online at various portals and I sell through my own site as well as facebook page (India). I provide day-to-day fashion essentials, bridal trousseau options and formal festive wear for all the divas in India, as well based outside India. It became paramount to be selling online from year 2013, and since then there has been no looking back! I eat, sleep, dream Fashion. What I want for me now is a huge portal dedicated to the needs of the Women and making ethnic wear/contemporary wear readily available for them. As of now, my baby needs me more, hence I am at a comfortable stage of business and do not want to diversify. In an year’s time, I would be diversifying into customizing western and contemporary wear.



3. Who inspired/ supported me:

Each day has been a new learning so far and has motivated me to go that extra mile for my work and for my clients. I proudly say that my clients love me for the service I provide, whether it is “Bridal Trousseau Compilation” or the everyday fashion essentials. I strive to get recognition and my clients have always been praised my work so far!


My biggest motivation has been my husband, who has helped me from the most basic level of getting everything going, and a huge part of success that Belle Vous has enjoyed is because of him. He has made me from a regular MBA to an Entrepreneur!


4. Advice/tips:

For every new mom entrepreneur out there, I would say “Go Chase your dream”, it’s a now or never opportunity, so stop doubting yourself and give it a try.  Today, customer is no more just the king, but a Queen too, so present what your audience wants and don’t fear the big players, as they were small one day.

Also being a mum and juggling work can be tiresome, so don’t shy away from asking support from family. Take the bad days in a stride and move on!


5. I love BabyChakra because the reviews are genuine and are based on actual experiences from all the mums around, it’s like sharing a cuppa with like-minded mums..!

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