All You Need To Know About Headstart

All You Need To Know About Headstart

Headstart believes that every child is unique and special. They believe that they should be able to identify each child amongst all their children. With their centres in Opera House and Dadar Headstart provides education with fun which makes the children fall in love with the school and teachers.

1. Tell us more about yourself:

My name is Maureen Sequeira I completed my B.A. B ed. I have 17 years of teaching experience where I taught at Bombay International and at The Cathedral and John Connon school. I then started Headstart and it has been a main concern for the past 16 years!

2. What teaching method has your school adopted?

A method that instills self reliance , self confidence and stimulates a sense of inquiry in young minds -The Play way method with a SIGNIFICANT DIFFERENCE - an activity centre, a multicultural learning centre that values and fosters the Childs spirit of discovery , enabling the child to sustain its innate abilities and passion for learning. We create a non competitive environment where creativity and joy for learning are nurtured fostering spontaneous play and communication as important learning mechanisms. We are committed to laying the foundations for an overall standard of excellence that enables the children to achieve their maximum potential. In small groups interaction is possible and in the process of sharing, the children experience the excitement of learning. Scope for creativity is possible and results in a self stimulated learning process that integrates learning with life.

3. What are the core values that your school tries to inculcate in your students?

Gratitude, concern for others, sharing, respect for parents, elders; servants, love for country one's friends and all living creatures. Because values are caught not taught, children should be surrounded by good teachers. As jelly takes its shape from the mould into which it is poured so children will be shaped by the goodness of those who surround them. The atmosphere and freedom to grow are important. And this implies a certain discipline in academics as well as social behavior that builds a corporate sense.

In addition we create a non competitive environment where creativity and joy for learning are nurtured. Values, play and conversation are important tools and form part of the learning mechanism. We are dedicated to providing the children with the tools, space and support needed to develop a positive self image. That in turn releases the Childs social, emotional and intellectual capabilities.

4. A day in the life of a student from your school:

The day starts off with their time for learning, play. We try to inculcate cultural values in our children by giving them time to sing an craft. Time for gym helps keep our kids fit and active. We believe that our kids should have social etiquettes which is why we keep time for listening and socializing and paying attention as well as time for sharing. They have time for food and prayer after which it is time for them to go home.

5. What is the best part about being a preschool head?

So many lives being shaped and the little buds blossoming into well- mannered confident ,intelligent young children. These are the children who are destined to become responsible citizens of India and preservers of peace , freedom and our environment. This gives me a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment.

6. Where do most of your children graduate to?

Cathedral and John Connon, St. Marys, JB Petit, Bombay International, Ambanis, Additya Birla, B. D . Somani and Hill Spring are some of the schools our children go to after passing out from Headstart.

7. Why should people choose Headstart?

Headstart is genuinely CHILD CENTRED This implies a great deal of unselfishness on the part of the teachers, and a great vigilance on the part of the management to give financial consideration a second, third, fourth ... preferably the last place! This guarantees individual attention to each child- This coupled with an unique methodology

We are special because of the 3 Ds : Dedication, Devotion and Determination. We want the best for our children and we do the best for them. We make them WINNERS NO MATTER WHERE THEY GO.

We are also in the process of developing an integrated staff development unit where the staff and management assume their joint responsibilities together.

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