Easy Way To Teach Your Child Hindi

Easy Way To Teach Your Child Hindi

There is a great amount of information out there in terms of what you should be teaching your babies at an early age. My child is 10 months old and sometimes, I'm overwhelmed by the things I'm required to do to make sure my child learns everything that she will need to know in life. Over the past few months, I've started putting into practice the things I do want her to learn.

Since I'm of Indian descent, I definitely want my baby to know Hindi. Children are supposed to be able to pick up language easier up until the age of 5. My problem is that Hindi isn't my first or even second language. It is, however, such a common language in India that I really want to make sure that my baby is able to understand and speak it. My husband and I plan on taking her to India quite often and knowing Hindi will be a great advantage for her. With our world also becoming more global, I believe learning more than one language helps our children's future.

So how do I teach her something I'm not qualified to teach? She isn't able to attend classes for a while yet since she's still so young. But, if I wait for classes, I'm losing valuable learning time. So what do I do?

I recently found Ghotu Motu Ki Toli, a YouTube channel that has classic nursery rhymes in Hindi that are absolutely amazing. Even though I don't let her sit in front of a screen much, when I do, I want it to be educational. With the bright colors and the characters singing and dancing, it entertains her for a few minutes at a time while allowing her to get familiar with the Hindi language. She is learning while watching something fun!

I've also found that my baby loves it when I personally sing to her especially if I add in hand gestures. These nursery rhymes give me the opportunity to sing to her in a language other than English. I can learn with her and eventually, when she is old enough, she can sing and dance with me. I love the idea that we can bond over something that is so much fun.

Not only that but there is also an app that you can download onto your phone! I'm sure most of us have those moments where we are driving somewhere and our child decides that he or she wants to be anywhere but in their car seat. Now I have something I can play to entertain her for the remainder of our trip. A happy baby equals happy parents.

There is so much we want to teach our children. We want to give them the best opportunities possible. I believe that teaching them their background and culture is important. I can only hope the choices I make of what to teach her will give her the self-confidence and knowledge she needs in life.

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