Dengue During Pregnancy: Risks And Complications

Dengue During Pregnancy: Risks And Complications

“You are going to be a mother” are probably the most joyous words for a woman. Carrying a child for nine months, taking care of all its needs, protecting it, and preparing to bring the child safely in this world is all a pregnant woman may be able to think about. But what about safety from diseases? Some diseases like dengue threaten the health of your child even before it’s born. Are you sure you are taking the proper measures to protect your child from dengue fever in pregnancy?

What is dengue?

Dengue is a disease caused by a virus. It is transmitted to the bloodstream in a person when an infected mosquito bites us. The disease itself is not a long one. It is usually cured very early, but the effects can be severe and, in extreme cases, they may be fatal.

This disease is even more dangerous in pregnant women because mothers may easily transfer the virus to their babies during pregnancy or while giving birth. Hence, knowledge about the symptoms and effect of dengue in pregnancy is a must for every mother.


What are the symptoms of dengue and their effects?

Symptoms of dengue can be pretty difficult to identify at the beginning. Usually, the symptoms are that of any viral fever- high fever, severe headache, and body pain. These symptoms can be mistaken for viral fever symptoms and are sometimes ignored or treated with aspirin or over-the-counter medicines. This should not be done. If you face such symptoms, consult a doctor immediately. If dengue is detected, early treatment can prevent the child being affected.

Effect of dengue in pregnancy can be severe. The baby can be stillborn or premature. The newborn child could also be severely underweight.

Management of dengue in pregnancy

  • Every mother wants to protect her child. There is no vaccine yet that can prevent dengue; however, to protect yourself and the baby from dengue, you can follow some simple rules.
  • If you live in an area with mosquitoes, make sure all your doors and windows have a mesh curtain so that you can get plenty of fresh air, but mosquitoes cannot get in.
    Sleep inside a mosquito netting.
  • Always keep yourself hydrated.
  • If you use a mosquito repellent, use only the ones approved by your doctor.
  • Wear full sleeved clothing and full  length pants when stepping outdoors, like gardens, etc.

Have a happy and disease free pregnancy!


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