The F Word: Is It Really A Taboo?

The F Word: Is It Really A Taboo?

Recently I have observed when women around me use the  F word too liberally, the men get a little uncomfortable.

They think of it like a rebellion.
The F word, Feminism.

It's like a live grenade which whenever used in a public place usually  leads to the evacuation of men.

And when you say you want your Son to be a Feminist, they eye you as if you are committing a criminal offence. No offence but. I said Feminist. Not a Rapist.

Here is my list of Things I will not forget to teach my son, take not mothers of boys:

  • Your gender is not your privilege. Just because you are a boy doesn't equate to any kind of superiority. Yes you could be physically stronger or taller than few women but that should make you more responsible.
  • Women who work as hard as you deserve to earn as much as you. Both money and respect. This is their right. By doing so you aren't doing anyone a favour.
  • By Cleaning after yourself, picking up your plates, doing your own laundry, setting up your own bed, cooking food and teaching your own kids you won't be any less of a man. In Fact you must know all this to be self dependent.Expecting your mother, sister, girlfriend or wife to do so doesn't make you macho. Rather it reflects your incompetence.
  • Feminism is not a revolt.It is just a way of life. And by being a feminist you won't hurt your manhood. On the contrary you would reinstate by belief in who and how should a real man be like.

A woman speaking her mind is not somebody to be scared of. Rather keep her close, you never know what all you might end up learning from her. Afterall, you were raised by one such woman.

How are you all raising your sons?

Let's talk about it in open. And not make the F word sound like a cuss word.


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