Co Sleeping: More Good Than Bad

Co Sleeping: More Good Than Bad


According to dictionary, co- sleeping is the practice of  parents and children  in the same bed. Though it is usually frowned upon now. Basically on the pretext that.


  • Child becomes too dependent on the parent.
  • Parents don't get the privacy they deserve.


But contrary to this, I have been co-sleeping with my son since 4 years. And totally loving it. And this is exactly Mr.’s sentiment too.

Often people ask me about SIDS. But that is a problem that one can face with newborns and babies. And with a few precautions, easily avoidable.

More about this in another post.

Right now I'll tell you how co-sleeping has benefited me as a mom.


I got more sleep. Yes! Don't get surprised. My child was exclusively breastfed for 6 months. Co sleeping meant I could feed him at night, without getting out of my bed. His needs were catered to, so he slept well. Which in turn meant I got some sleep too.

After that, though I was not the direct source of food. But nonetheless a direct source of comfort. Try this for me today. No matter how old your child is, place his hand on your heart, and your hand on his. And you'll realise that your heartbeats are synchronised.

So being around him at night meant he felt more secure. And studies show that children who co sleep have a stronger emotional relationship with their parents and other people.


  • It helps in breast feeding
  • Child sleeps faster and for longer hours.
  • Mother gets her share of rest.
  • The child has less tendency to be emotionally insecure later on in life.
  • And you steal those extra kisses and cuddles even at night.

But some precautions to keep in mind are

  • Don't co- sleep if you or your partner are under the influence of alcohol or some drug.
  • Don't share the bed if either of the parent has a sleep disorder.
  • One should avoid co-sleeping if you are suffering from obesity.

So, don't get bogged down by people who tell you to opt out of co-sleeping. Every child is different. Chose what is best for you as a family.


Just be sure your choice gives you a peaceful sleep.

And don't forget to share your thoughts about co-sleeping.


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