The Second Home For Your Little Hearts!

The Second Home For Your Little Hearts!

Established in 1998, located in Kandivali , Little Hearts The Pre Primary believes in the all round development of the child. It is a safe and stimulating environment for the 1 and a half to 5 years olds that are present in the school.

1. So tell us more about yourself

My name is Neenu Jain. After graduation I completed my B.Ed. I have done a lot of workshops on child development. I have 27 years of teaching experience, I am the proprietor of Little Hearts, which was established in 1998.

2. Which method of teaching has your preschool adopted?

In little Hearts we use a combination of the Playway Method and the Montessori Idea. We believe that the child should enjoy learning. We promote this by several methods like dramatization, activities that help in confidence development, messages conveyed through puppetry.


3. What values or principles do you try to inculcate in your children?

Children are the future of the country and hence from the very initial stage we  try to inculcate in them a sense of patriotism. We discipline them and try to introduce the values of sharing, respect for elders. We believe in the over development of the child. We produce children who have all the basic intrinsic values and social etiquettes

4. A day in the life of a student from your school

The children start of their day with free activity, during which they play with building blocks, clay dough, puzzles or they can just play on their own. We then have the prayer session and we also sing the national anthem. After the Prayer session the topic of the month is discussed with the help of flash cards. This is followed by the rhyme session which is followed by the lunch break. We end the day with storytelling or role play or dramatization and 15 minutes of smart class during which the activities of the day are recapitulated through animated videos



5. After graduating which schools do most your students go to?

Most of our students go to Ryan International, Cambridge, Oxford, Thakur Public School etc.

6. What is the best part about being a preschool head?

 Seeing the development and changes in the little bundles of joy, their transition from crying   while coming to school to crying because they are going back home is what keeps us motivated. The joy in the face of the parents, their trust in us. The fact that we have been successful in making learning a joyful experience for the children is definitely the best part about being a preschool head.

7. Why should people choose Little Hearts?

The love and care with which we look after the children, The facilities we provide, the highly qualified staff are a few of the reasons. We teach the children to independent. Every child Is special and given special care. Children and their parents tend to fall in love with little Hearts.

8. What is the teacher student ratio?

The teacher student ratio for senior kids is 6 is to 1.



Learn more about them at: Little Heart


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