Creative Ideas For A Maternity Photo Shoot

Creative Ideas For A Maternity Photo Shoot

When a new baby is on the way, it's exciting! You would want to capture everything in this memorable journey right from the day you conceive to the baby's first steps. A pregnancy photoshoot documents these moments beautifully and reflects your radiance and happiness.

So, here are some creative ideas for pregnancy photoshoot to have those memories etched forever.



pregnant lady

Silhouettes capture the glow and highlight your beautiful baby curves at the same time. The image of a pregnant woman, deep in thought, in front of a breathtaking background, spells serenity. High contrast black and white pictures bring out the elegance. The background light can be natural, such as an open sky or a doorway. The advantage with silhouettes is that they can be shot anywhere. You can choose any comfortable spot in your home or you can go to the park on a starry night.

Flower Power

Flowers are symbolic of new life and add to the aesthetic value of the picture. Another creative idea for a pregnancy photo shoot is using this flower power. You can put on a floral headband and wear any attire which makes you feel comfortable. Or you can also hold your favourite flowers in your hands. The colour, shapes, and sizes of flowers that you decide on provide character to the whole picture and make the landscape pleasing to the eyes.


Another out of the box idea for a pregnancy photo shoot is having your baby's sonogram in the portrait. You can pose while holding your baby's sonogram against your belly in your favourite dress. You can have this picture clicked at any place you find comfortable. It is a simple yet powerful idea for a photo shoot as it captures your emotions as well as the excitement for the future.

The Progress Picture

You can create a story with pictures by having a collage of your progress photos from the first month to the last. Each photo will remind you of every experience you had on this incredible journey. You can wear different attires and varied colours in each picture so that the collage has a wholesome vibe to it. In the beginning, the pictures can be taken in a gap of three to four weeks. As you get closer to the due date, you can take one every week. Progress pictures can have toys and cute dresses in the background as well.

The One with the Family

How wonderful it would be to have the whole family in one picture that spells happiness! The best thing about clicking pictures with your family is that you have a gala time together. You can wear matching clothes and hold the dress out for the baby that is soon going to join you. It will be something to remember for the days to come.
Happy Clicking!

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. So, capture your excitement and joy abundantly in these photos to look back on this miraculous journey whenever you want to.


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