Top 4 Pregnancy Dieticians In Mumbai

Top 4 Pregnancy Dieticians In Mumbai

As an expecting mother, eating right is probably your primary concern during pregnancy. Perplexing questions like how much to eat and what to accompany regular meals with are the general concerns of any pregnant mother and they take up most of your thoughts. In such cases, it is practical and wise indeed to opt for an expert's opinion. In fact, advising dietary solutions to pregnant women during and after the pregnancy period is an important area of a dietician's practice. With so many nutritionists on the internet, it may become an overwhelming place for finding the right one to cater to your needs. Hence, to narrow it down for you, here are the top dieticians in Mumbai whom you can consider for your pregnancy diet.

1. Dr. Sujata Udeshi (Vashi)

A veteran in the practice of Food and Nutrition, Dr. Udeshi has excelled in her career for 31 years. She has an experience working in Lilavati Hospital, considered to be one of the top hospitals in Mumbai and has currently dedicated her profession to promoting traditional Indian diet to her clients, including those women who are expecting. Her contribution has been recognised by several individuals and has led to her working alongside the esteemed celebrity chef Sanjeev Kapoor.

2. Krupa Parekh (Andheri West)

Krupa Parekh is one of the top dieticians in Mumbai and a highly trained professional in the field of wellness and health. Her digitally advanced way of dealing with clients is what makes her distinctive. Krupa allows you to book appointments and get all your motivational dietary updates on your mobile. Her qualification has allowed her to work as not only a dietician but also as a clinical and sports nutritionist. Her extensive website covers all kinds of nutrition-related questions that bother women who are pregnant and will tell you a lot about her approach.


3. Geetanjali Ahuja Mengi (Bandra, Santacruz, Charni Road)

Nutritionist Mengi meets her clients through her clinics that she operates in three major areas of Bandra, Santacruz, and Charni Road. If you are one of those who requires your nutritionist to be easily accessible and wish to get quick answers to your queries, consider meeting with Geetanjali. She also allows you to contact her through WhatsApp as well as avail her e-clinic facility. Her personalised counselling offered to her pregnant clients has allowed her novel online clinic to become one of the best in Mumbai.

4. Arti Jain (Vashi)

With 13 years of experience and an MSc in Dietetics, Arti Jain has successfully made a place for herself as one of the top dieticians in Mumbai. Her passion for wellness has led her to create a platform that offers personalised diet plans to the expecting mothers at the leisure of their couch. Arti even offers her clients recipes that suit the Indian palette and help maintain their overall health naturally. Her service offers special plans for women who are expecting so, you may want to pay her a visit.

It is not uncommon for women to gain weight during and post pregnancy. Childbirth is a wonderful experience and weight gain is a part of the joy. A dietician will allow you to maintain your body in a way that will help you provide better nutrition for the baby and ensure a healthier future for them, along with helping you avoid post-pregnancy obesity.


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