Daddy’s Home Remedies For Monsoon Coughs And Colds

Monsoons are synonymous with coughs and colds, but they need not be, really. Try the following home remedies that my dad used to make for me and my sister and some I’ve learnt over time


1. Make this medicine from tulsi and ginger. Take 7 to 10 tulsi leaves and wash them nicely. Take 1 inch ginger, wash it and remove the skin. Crush the leaves and ginger with a pestle and mortar. Do not grind it. Crush it nicely and then squeeze it to get the juice with ur clean bare hands. To this juice add a teaspoon of honey. Have this tincture first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. This remedy cures as well as prevents cough and cold.

2. You can also make a tea out of tulsi, ginger, black pepper, cloves, bay leaves and cardamom. Add salt to taste and mishri. Store this in a thermo flask and sip it all day.


3. Try to suck on half a inch ginger coated with salt or a single clove for long time by placing it under the tongue near the molars. The juice will be released slowly and soothe the throat.


4. You can also try sunthi ( powder of dried ginger) along with some warm ghee. Mix it with ur steaming hot rice in lunch time.


5. When I was in hostel and not too well to do all this, I used to rely on only hot water. I would carry my thermoflask like a kid everywhere for those 3 to 4 days and just chew 7 to 8 tulsi leaves if available.


Initially i didn’t know that these remedies were actually so helpful. When I caught cough and cold in college, i visited a lot of my professors who would give me various cough syrups with codeine, dextromethorphan, guaphensin, ephedrine etc in them but no relief.


Then I became irritated and tried to remember my father's remedies. When I started taking them, I got relief within 3 to 4 days. By the time the cold went, the cough had also gone. No residual cough!


All these natural ingredients are also safe in pregnancy and help to build immunity also. Try them and share your experience.


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Comments (16)

Aditi Ahuja

Congratulations dear!!

Vidya Rathod

Congratulations AMRITA MALLIK


Thank you Vidya Rathod Aditi Ahuja and BABYCHAKRA


Can these remedies used for 1 year baby???


Yes, they can be used for 1 yr old too.

Rabiya Khan

Congrates...can ve used for 8months old baby???


Yes for infants above 6 months it can b done

Rashmi Choudhury


Chaitanya Kolisetty

Yes they can work out& use karpooe in handkerchiefs for breathing, apply steam 2 to 3 times per day, have a warm milk with pinch of turmeric


I wish I knew this before

somyashree. R

Nice tip dear

Rashmi Choudhury

AMRITA MALLIK in my home my mom strictly said no to home remedies for reet till 1 year... M worried now🤔


Thats great! Follow her advice and meet ur pediatrician.

Sania Bhushan

Very informative


Rebecca Prakash hie! Why don't you try the 1st and last remedy. I think u ll soon get relief. Get well soon dear. Take care. Hope Atarah is fine and doing well.

Rebecca Prakash

Thank you 😃, I'm definitely trying 🤗

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