Managing Siblings In The Times Of Chores And Jealousy

Managing Siblings In The Times Of Chores And Jealousy

Managing siblings in the times of Chores and Jealousy


They say when you have one child, you are a parent and when you have two, you  become a refree. Having two ids means more work for the parents and there’s always the question of sibling rivalry. Yes it’s very true that the elder one feels very neglected, but there is always two sides to a coin!! S/he also likes to play  with the sibling at times and will never feel alone in his/her life!

Fights happen only for few years, after that for whole life, both of them are happy, sharing their feelings with each other..


Here are tips to manage two kiddos:


1. Management
Manage your work, so you can give full time to both kids.( I did most of household chores and cooking while kids slept)

2. Proper food ..
Make healthy food to make it a habit for both

3. Never praise one kid in front of second.

4. Try to tell everything to the elder one about the sibling on the way.

5. Ask in laws and hubby for help and take much care of the elder kid. This is because they are more attached to the mom

( If I was played with my younger one, the older one felt very bad..but, if dadi dada played with him, she had no problem!)

So I exclusively try to play with the younger one only when the elder one is in playschool or in the afternoon when he is asleep)....
ohhh!! long lecture. 


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