Sanity Became More Important Than Breastfeeding

Sanity Became More Important Than Breastfeeding

*The following is a fictional story of a new mom who struggled through breastfeeding. But isin’t it relatable at so many levels? Many of us go through this, don’t we? Reply in comments if you have had a similar experience as the protagonist, Varsha.


She was living the most beautiful time phase of her life. Her pregnancy  brought joy  not just to her but to the entire family. What she wanted to eat, when she wanted to rest, where she wanted to go. It was all about her.


She delivered through C-section because of some complications. And that was the reason her child missed out on colostrum and first day of getting her mumma's milk. She was not forgiven for this. What if she delivered normally, and what if she wasn't under sedation, and what if she chose a different hospital. Again it was all about her. Home didn't seem the same now, she could see the concern, but couldn't feel it. Her diet and her milk supply became a topic of discussion almost everywhere.


The baby was happy, healthy, chubby. Then what was the fuss about?


To her horror, she was made to get her breasts pressed from strangers, to check on the supply. She was made to do rituals at 4 in the morning to please the lactation goddess. The baby pooped and pee'd but still she couldn't please the world with her milking capacity.


Varsha, who till now believed to be a part of an educated modern family was cursing herself and her child for this torture.


'There is nothing like postpartum depression,' they spoke in unison. Even we have raised our children. 'The only parameter to measure your milk supply is, you must leak.' But Varsha wasn't leaking. Not once, not ever. But the baby was happy. This was all too taxing for her hormone driven mind. She wanted to stop it at the drop of a hat. So she made a decision. 6 months. That's it. Not a minute more.


She didn't allow the baby to self wean. For her, it was getting more miserable. Her sanity was more important than breastfeeding.


She stopped. Just like that. Mathematically. The day the seventh month started. She stopped feeding her baby.


Society won. She lost. Her child lost.


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