Things To Know Before Visiting A Pediatrician After Delivery

Things To Know Before Visiting A Pediatrician After Delivery

So after the initial in house pediatrician visits and checks, my little one was due for an official check up.


While my experience is completely subjective, I thought I'd pen down few vitals  related to how best to deal with pediatrician visits, especially since the first visit that could get overwhelming.


1. Make sure you get comfortable transport. Your own car is best but otherwise make an effort to get at least a cab. Avoid public transport with a newborn.

2. Specify the newborn status while taking the appointment.; this helps you get preference of there aren’t any others around your baby's age group, when at the waiting lounge.

3. Make a traditional listicle having all questions that you could possibly ask.; silliest ones too. Your mom-in-law might laugh at them but not your pediatrician.

4. Make sure to carry all documents of the baby and discuss further medications,; vaccine schedules, diet and babycare.

5. Carry some snacks and water for sure.

Talk clearly and have a free conversation with the pediatrcian. It's you who will have to open up with him/her since  this first visit will be the beginning of countless visits over many many years to come.


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