How To Change A Nappy?

How To Change A Nappy?

Your new baby arrives in this world with a whole lot of wet puddles and slime. Every baby needs frequent changes of nappy, but the frequency depends on how often they poop or urinate and also on how sensitive their skin is.

Babies with sensitive skin are more prone to a nappy rash and need their nappies to be changed more often.

Newborns need a minimum 10-12 nappy changes per day, and this number goes down as they grow up. Irrespective of age, all babies need their nappies to be changed as soon as they poop.

Most new parents are either scared or just clueless as it is their first experience. Here is your comprehensive guide to a nappy change:

Things Required

It is a good idea to get all things in one place before you begin to change the nappy, so you do not have to rush around. Here are some things that you should keep handy:

• A soft yet firm diaper changing mat.
• A pack of alcohol-free wipes or a bowl of warm water with cotton.
• A bin or bag for disposal.
• Coconut oil or diaper rash cream.
• A clean nappy.
• Change of clothes for the baby if required.

Setting up Your Nappy Changing Space

Whether you are outside or at home, you need a firm surface to lay your baby upon while changing the nappy.

At home, you can use a table, a marble platform, floor, or your bed if the mattress is firm. Spread the changing mat on the chosen surface and lay your baby on it.

When you are outside, use a diaper changing table or a flat firm surface. Make sure that you use a mat no matter how clean the surface seems. Also, do not turn around or leave the baby unattended on the changing station.

You can choose between reusable as well as disposable changing mats.

Changing a Nappy

You must change your baby's nappy completely and pat it dry even if they have just wet themselves or made a poo. Keep talking to your baby as you change the nappy, to keep them entertained.

Here are some steps you should follow to change the nappy:

• Tear the disposable or remove the cloth nappy and use it to clean the major portion of poo from the baby's bottom.
• Use cotton and warm water or wipes to clean the entire bottom.
• Make sure that the bottom is dry.
• Be gentle but make sure to clean the folds of skin too.
• For girls, clean front to back to prevent any infections in the vagina. For boys, clean the balls as well as penis and do not retract the skin of the penis.
• Dab some oil or diaper rash cream before putting on a clean nappy.
• The way you put on the diaper will depend on the type of nappy you use. Disposables, for instance, are either pull up style or with sticky tabs.

Maintain Good Hygiene

• Disposable nappies must be thrown off immediately after they are removed. Use the sticky tabs to bundle them up and reseal them.
• Keep the bin outside to prevent germs.
• For reusable nappies (modern cloth diapers and homemade nappies), remove the poop from the nappy as soon as possible and give them a water wash before you store them for a later wash or toss it in the machine.

Choose Based on Your Comfort

There are numerous nappy options available in the market. This includes disposables as well as modern cloth diapers. You can also make your own nappies with a soft cloth. Whichever option you choose, make sure you follow a hygienic routine and also stay comfortable with  the diapering routine. Remember to give the baby some diaper free time every day so that their bottom gets some time to breathe.


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