Ways To Avoid Premature Labour

Ways To Avoid Premature Labour

As a mother, you always want the best for your baby. This is possible when the pregnancy goes smoothly, and you deliver the baby on the due date. When a baby is born full-term (37 weeks or above), it will have a good birth weight, and all its organs will be fully developed and mature.

Anything before that would be a premature delivery which can impact your baby’s health. Only a full-term baby can adapt to the outside world and environment easily without it affecting the health of the baby.

But, how does one avoid premature labour? Read on.

Tips to Help you Avoid Premature Labour

While preterm labour is not always preventable, it helps to know the causes that might lead to it. Here are a few tips that could help you deliver your baby full term.

Regular Exercise

It is normal for you to feel lazy and exhausted during pregnancy. However, you must make sure that you make time for some exercise in your daily routine without exerting yourself too much. You can try prenatal yoga, pilates, or even brisk walking to improve blood circulation throughout your body and minimize pregnancy complications like high blood sugar and high blood pressure.

It releases feel-good hormones or endorphins that help you manage your stress and keep you calm and happy. It also helps you relax and loosen the pelvic muscles, and keep you fit both physically and mentally. As stress, fluctuating sugar, and blood pressures are triggers for preterm labour; regular exercise can help you carry your baby full-term.


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Take your Vitamins and Prescribed Medicines Regularly

Pregnant women tend to ignore the seriousness of skipping medicines and vitamins prescribed to them. The vitamins coupled with folic acid and calcium dosages help in the development of the fetus and also help you deliver your baby full-term.

Avoid Alcohol and Smoking

It is a known fact that smoking and alcohol consumption promotes preterm labour and also increases risks associated with fetal growth and development. It is best to refrain from smoking and alcohol consumption throughout the pregnancy to ensure a full-term delivery.

Try to manage your stress levels

This is one of the most common catalysts that can trigger preterm labour. Women who experience stress during pregnancy tend to have higher fluctuations in hormonal levels that can impact their pregnancy and force them to deliver preterm. Listening to soothing music, brisk walking, and being surrounded by your loved ones will help you manage your stress levels and relax your mind.


Dehydration is also a common trigger for preterm labour. In the case of preterm contractions, the first step your obstetrician would take would be to replenish your body fluid level through an IV drip. When the blood pumping through your body has lesser water, it would have higher concentrations of hormones like oxytocin which can trigger contractions. Staying hydrated and increasing fluid intake not only ensures full-term delivery but also helps in replenishing the amniotic fluid level in your uterus.

Tips to Keep in Mind

During pregnancy, it is extremely  important that you meet your gynecologist regularly. While not all reasons linked to preterm delivery can be controlled, eliminating these factors can help you minimize the risk of delivering your baby pre-term.


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