When Dry Mango Joined A Spice Party

When Dry Mango Joined A Spice Party

Ambula Rai is a wonderful, tangy dish made from dry mango slices and Panchphutan. Panchphutan is a mixture of mustard, jeera, saunf, kalonji (onion seeds) and methi seeds.


You can have this delicious dish with practically everything, and it will make your tastebuds dance. Here’s how you do it.


  • Soak the ambula ( dry mango ) for two hours or more
  • Add mustard oil in a kadhai
  • Now add the Panchphutan
  • Next, add little grated ginger and curry leaves
  • In a small bowl, take one cup curd (for 4 pieces of ambula, increase if using more). To this, add little besan and mix well.
  • Now put the ambula, besan and curd mixture in the oil and let it cook.
  • Next, make a paste of 1-2 tsp of white mustard, green chillies and some coconut.
  • Add this to the ambula mixture and cook on low flame
  • Put salt and sugar to taste; add water if required
  • Switch off the flame. You can give a tadka of panch phutan, little urad dal and red chillies if you like.





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