Pregnancy FAQ: Part 1

Pregnancy FAQ: Part 1

Tested positive for pregnancy? Pregnancy comes with mixed emotions, especially  if it is your first. Without a doubt, it is a beautiful phase in a woman’s life but there are many questions that run through the mind one trimester after another.

We’ve prepared a list of 10 common pregnancy FAQs that should address some of your concerns and put your curiosity at ease.

1. What are the earliest signs that confirm a pregnancy?

A missed period is one of the earliest signs of pregnancy, especially if your cycles have been regular. Other signs include nausea, fatigue, morning sickness, frequent urination, mood swings, breast tenderness, and food aversions or cravings.

2. Can I have a period while I’m pregnant?

Light and irregular bleeding during pregnancy is common but it should not be like your regular period. This spotting or slight bleeding is often dark brown or light pink in color.

3. Which foods are safe and unsafe during  pregnancy?

A healthy diet which includes lots of leafy greens, vegetables, fruits, and whole grains is recommended. Also, check with your doctor and take necessary prenatal vitamin and mineral supplements for a healthy pregnancy.
Alcohol, smoking, high amounts of caffeine, uncooked eggs and meats, unpasteurized milk, raw fish, and foods that carry a risk of harboring bacteria should be strictly avoided during pregnancy.

4. Is it safe to exercise while pregnant?

Mild exercises that strengthen the back and abdominal muscles are good during pregnancy. Walking, swimming, yoga, and light aerobics under the guidance of a professional are advised for expecting mothers.

Also, check with your doctor before starting any workout routine. It is important to stay active and hydrated throughout the pregnancy period.

5. How to relieve morning sickness, nausea, and heartburn during pregnancy?

To keep morning sickness at bay, it is important to eat something in bed as soon as you wake up in the morning, be it some crackers, dry cereal, or a light snack.

Eat small and frequent meals to reduce morning sickness and heartburn. Get lots of fresh air, increase fluid intake, and avoid fatty food. Wear comfortable clothes and take antacids, if necessary, to reduce indigestion.

6. How to ease leg cramps and backache?

Exercise regularly, take lots of fluids and go for a light leg massage by a professional to relieve cramps.

To prevent a backache, avoid lifting heavy objects, wear flats or comfortable shoes, take care not to stand in the same place for too long, and ensure that you have a good back support while sitting.

7. Is more vaginal discharge normal during pregnancy?

Vaginal discharge is normal because estrogen and other factors increase blood flow to the vagina, vulva, and cervix. This makes the mucous membranes more active and results in more vaginal discharge.

8. When will the baby bump start showing?

Baby bump starts showing anytime between 12 to 16 weeks of pregnancy or even sooner if it is your first time.

9. How to relieve pregnancy constipation?

This is a common pregnancy question asked by most moms-to-be. Pregnant women may feel constipated because there's an increase in the progesterone hormone in the body. This hormone relaxes the muscles, including those of the intestines and this results in slow digestion and bowel movement. To relieve constipation, you should eat foods high in fiber and stay hydrated all day. If the constipation is severe, consult your gynecologist and take prescribed stool softeners and laxatives.

10. How much weight should I gain during pregnancy?

While the mechanism of gaining weight varies from person to person, most pregnant women gain about 10 kgs to 12.5 kgs during pregnancy. This is mostly due to the baby’s weight, storage of fat in your body, the presence of extra fluid, and an increase in breast weight.

Summing Up

With so many changes happening to the body, pregnancy can be stressful for moms-to-be. It is important to talk to your doctor about the do’s and don’ts, eat healthily, and stay calm for the well-being of your little one.


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