10 Cute Baby Videos To Melt Your Heart

Babies are adorable. There is just something magical about their big shining eyes and cute noses that draws us in. No matter how firm a person is, a baby brings about their oohs and ahs. Babies bring out the instinct to love and care for them and at the same time leave us overjoyed by their daily shenanigans.

So here are the top ten most enchanting and cute baby videos from Youtube that will make you go 'Aww...'

1.Cutest Baby Talk Ever!

This video features two babies speaking the universal language of love. The cuteness meter is high on this one and it will surely put a smile on your face. The memory is captured by Judy, their mom. Benji and Judy are daily vloggers from Seattle. They have been vlogging since 2011 and have 3 beautiful daughters Julianna, Miya, and Keira. This video has two of those munchkins.


Source: itsJudysLife

2. Sleepy and playful all at once

What is more captivating than a playful baby? A cutie that is sleepy and yet is determined to play with their mommy. 6-month-year-old Yerin always wakes up smiling from her nap.


Source: bobaepapa

3. Double trouble

The fun gets doubled when twins come in the picture. Silliness ensues in the video when the two little ones repeat things; one twin after the other and their parents wonder how to stop them.


Source: BabiezTV

4. Chubby babies are the cutest

Chubby babies are the definition of cute. You will not stop smiling long after watching this compilation of these goofballs.


Source: Lovers Baby

5. Babies talking on the phone

A kid talking like an adult who knows it all is hilarious. This is proved right in this video when kids talk as if they are on the phone with a best friend or are on the verge of closing a really important deal.


Source: Funny Babies and Pets

6. Kids with pets

As if babies were not adorable enough, add to the equation balls of fluff which are cute on their own. Babies and pets have adventures of their own in this video.


Source: BabiezTV

7. Random silliness

From seeing themselves in the mirror for the first time to laughing at the silliest of the things. This video has it all.


Source: funnyplox

8. Babies at the zoo

This video captures awestruck babies and kids at the zoo. Equally excited are the animals to see these little ones trying to befriend them.


Source: BabiezTV

9. Dads and babies

Unconditional love can be seen in this video of the little ones with their dads. The bond between father and his offspring is unshakeable. This video will brighten your day for sure.


Source: 2M Media

10. Babies first stint with lemon

No parents should miss taking a clip of their baby's first experience with lemon. What adds to the fun is the unexpected taste and their hilarious reactions. It brings out such varied expressions and emotions that we cannot stop laughing.


Source: Baby Popcy

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