Skin Care For New Mommies

Skin Care For New Mommies


New mommies are extra special and need outstanding care. While all the other things are taken care of, many of you forget the attention required by your skin. Remember that the baby spends most of the time with you and your soft skin gives a heaven-like feel to your little one. Thus it is imperative that you take utmost care of your skin.

Have a look at some of the best products for skin care that can be useful for you.

Cold Pressed Coconut Oil by Earth Baby



Coconut oil not only moisturizes your skin, it also leaves a mesmerizing scent with you, which you can enjoy all day long. Earth Baby manufactures coconut oil by cold pressing the fresh coconut flesh, thus raining all the natural vitamins and healthy fats, which are beneficial for you. This is most suitable for relief from stretch marks and has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal & anti-inflammatory properties.

Calming Skincare Bundle By The Moms Co.


This skin care bundle is very calming and is perfect for the best soothing and moisturising routine for the new moms. The bundle is a combination of a body wash and a body lotion. While the wash cleanses your skin, the lotion provides deep nourishment to it. You experience that exotic feeling of being on your perfect holiday. These products are all made of natural elements and are thus safe for use during and after pregnancy.

Charcoal, Coffee & Clay Face Mask by Mamaearth


This face mask helps to exfoliate & lighten the dark spots and provide radiance to your skin. The mask is made up of basic ingredients like charcoal, coffee, clay and fruit extracts. The presence of these vital components makes this mask very efficient in stimulating the blood circulation and loads your skin with all the essential minerals it needs.

Pure Natural Rose Water-100ml by Nature's Tattva


Well who doesn’t love the smell of roses? This natural product refreshes your skin and has countless benefits. Nature’s Tattva manufactures pure rose water using high-quality rose petals, which are especially collected from Kannauj, Uttar Pradesh. This mesmerizing scent of roses can also help build a special bond between you and your little munchkin.

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