Is Your Baby On Date(s)?

Is Your Baby On Date(s)?

We hope you didn’t fret after reading the title! But don’t you think it will be very cute if two babies went on a date?

Well, here we are talking about dates – commonly known as khajoor in Hindi. Dates are edible sweet fruits, which have many health benefits such as they are high in fibers, vitamins, minerals and are excellent anti-oxidants. These qualities make dates very useful for your child’s growth and development.

Check out these amazing products manufactured from dates, which can prove beneficial for your child.

Badam & Date Drink Mix by Early Foods



This is a perfect mix for your child, as it contains finely grinded powder of almonds and dates. This powder can be mixed in milk, porridges and desserts, where it serves as a sweetener. All the contents in this mix are natural and it contains no preservatives, color or artificial flavors. This is a grandma-inspired recipe and thus must be on your food items list.

Instant Wheat Almond & Date Porridge Mix by Early Foods


This is an organic porridge mix packed with almonds and dates. It has organic whole wheat and does not contain added sugar, salt or milk powder. You can use this mix daily and store it for 2 months. The preparation time for the porridge using this mix is just 2 minutes. You can use this porridge mix with either hot water or milk.

Instant Dalia Almonds & Dates by Tots And Moms



Dalia is one of the best meals you can give to your baby. The addition of dates in it makes it Iron rich food and its proteins help in weight gain of your baby. This is an organic powder and is a complete package of all the essential nutrients. The product is easy to digest and free from preservatives, additives and milk solids, which makes it a healthy option for your little one.

So when is your baby’s next date?



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