How To Potty Train A Baby Girl
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How To Potty Train A Baby Girl

How To Potty Train A Baby Girl

As soon as your daughter turns a year old, you start obsessing over how to potty train your girl. While there are various tried and tested methods available for this, you must first ensure that your baby is ready for it. Pushing your baby too much might make the whole experience difficult for her.

Look out for the following signs to know if your baby girl is ready to  be potty trained:

• Uncomfortable in diapers and reluctant to wear it.
• Holding in pee or poo while in diapers.
• Pulling on her diapers and a preference for underwear.
• Communicating her will to be trained and showing eagerness in the process.
• Able to pull her pants up and down before and after peeing or pooing.

If you find your baby showing the following signs, here is how you can potty train your girl.

How to Potty Train a Girl

The entire process of potty training your girl is about timing and understanding your baby’s cues. While these steps are eventually going to get her potty trained, don’t expect clean underwear right from day one.

Set a Routine

When you know for sure that your girl is ready to be potty trained, the first step must be to set up a proper schedule and stick to it till you succeed. Ensure that there are no hindrances that could disrupt the routine. Get your girl underwear that is easy to pull up and down quickly. This will prevent accidental soiling during the initial phase of potty training.

Help Her Undress and Show Her How It Is Done

Show your girl how to pull her dress up and hold it there before she sits on the potty seat. You can alternatively help her understand the process by doing it yourself (you can just pretend). Take her to the washroom and close the door (without latching). Now sit on the seat and flush after you are done.

Help Her Understand Why It Is Important

To reinforce the habit of using the washroom every time, help her understand  everything about hygiene and the importance of using a washroom every time she needs to pee or poo. Your baby girl will be able to relate to the process better if it is explained to her and there is a greater possibility of her calling you the next time she wants to visit the loo.

Teach Her to Wipe Properly

The concept of female hygiene is best if it is taught in the initial stages of potty training. As girls are more susceptible to urinary infection, it is essential that she is taught to wipe from front to back to prevent infection. Helping her wash every time she passes urine or stools will help inculcate this habit in her.

Be Patient and Perseverant

Try to be patient and encouraging as even a bit of anger or disappointment in your tone can make her abhor the entire process.

Parting Thoughts

Before you start potty training your girl, talk her through the process and reward her every time she tries. Explain the importance of keeping the door closed in public toilets (school or daycare) and avoid male helpers. Sticking attractive stickers and glitters on the training seat will make the whole process more interesting for your girl.