How To Keep Your Baby’s Curiosity Fuelled Up At All Times

How To Keep Your Baby’s Curiosity Fuelled Up At All Times

How to keep your baby’s curiosity fuelled up at all times.


Babies need a lot of positive stimulation to get their brain cells sharpened and you don't always need fancy toys to quip  their curiosity. Here are few tips to do that.


  • Choose games connected with real life experiences for baby. For example, before trying to draw or paint vegetables and fruits on paper, open the fridge and show how the vegetables look in real life. Tell how these veggies are grown, picked, transported, how they find their way into your fridge( yes, tell it even if your baby is 12 months old. S/he will understand)


  • Choose games similar to what baby is doing at the moment. You might think he is sitting idle, but he might be busy sorting through some small paper pieces which he has found on the floor. According to him, at that moment, it is an amazing game. He is busy. So create the activity connected to it- tell him the pieces of paper are snowflakes, throw them around, dance in the 'snowfall', count the snowflakes etc


  • Babies are always most eager to 'help', so if mom is cutting  veggies, he would Love to play'cutting veggies with Mom'. Just give him a toy knife and encourage.


Raise a smart little one with these simple tips and share your experience.


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