A Lesson

A Lesson


A Poem By Mausam Pandya

When my baby arrives into the world

What will I teach her?

Table manners and politeness are a given

But to follow every dream is what’s no.1 on the list

I know her papa will teach her to read books

We’ll stack her room with books from one end to the other

From fairies to furry creatures will fill her imagination

We’ll teach her to think, to question, to create


I’ll bring clay for her

Sometimes pots, sometimes robots will be made from these

I’ll bring her crayons

Sometimes yellow, sometimes green – the sky will be

We’ll gift her a cycle

On whose wheels she will discover new lands

We’ll give her a vision

So she can see what is and what can be

We’ll take her to the beach

So she learns to build castles of her own

We’ll play with her in the water

So she knows what is it to ride against  the wave

We’ll show her the crescent moon &

The stars twinkling in the night sky

Together, we’ll identify the shapes the stars have made

We’ll walk with her in the woods

So she can bask in nature’s glory

Through all this teaching, we too  will learn our lessons from her

Speaking one’s mind

Smiling more often &

Sleeping like a baby

Will be some of them.

Disclaimer: The poem is part of a set of 108 poems published in the book 'In Search of a Poem - A Collection of 108 Poems' written by me. The book is available online with leading publishers.


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