Packing It Up For Mommies And Babies

Packing It Up For Mommies And Babies

Pregnancy takes the mommies-to-be through many ups and downs. They experience numerable changes during this incredible journey. All these experiences lead to the most beautiful and precious phase of life, especially when you hold your baby in your arms.


You and your baby need special care to endure more priceless moments like these. We have put together some unique combo-packs, so that you can sit back and enjoy your mommy-baby time. We strongly urge you to leave your shopping related worries up to us and develop a sonorous bond with your baby!

Baby Care Pack by Mamaearth, Buddsbuddy



This pack is substantially designed keeping in mind the basic hygiene routine for your child. This pack can fulfil all the primary needs that are essential for your kid. The combo-pack includes brushing kit, first aid emergency kit, nail care kit, diaper rash cream and sanitizer.

Our esteemed customer Swati talks about this product saying, “This pack has everything you need for your baby! The brushing kit and nail care kit is extremely helpful for my daughter when she was smaller. I also always keep the sanitizer with me when I am out.”

Post natal care for mums by Comfeed Pillows,Morison Baby Dreams,The Moms Co,U Grow


The health of your baby predominantly depends on your health. Thus, it is very important for you to take care of yourself before, during and after pregnancy. This combo-pack comes in handy to ensure comfort and ease post-delivery. The pack includes nursing pillow, manual breast pump, tea for nourishing feeds and disposal breast pads.

Healthy mixes by Little Moppet Foods, Bebeburp



This combo-pack is the nutrient power house, which is brought together in order to provide numerous health benefits to your baby. All the components of this pack are organic in nature and rich in vitamins and minerals, which can help your child grow and develop to the core. The contents of this pack include barley mix, organic oats, banana health drink, millet dosa, masala milk, organic brown rice and Get Trim Health Mix.

Ritoo Jaiin shares her experience with this product as, “It is not easy to find a whole variety of healthy and yummy food for my baby and this pack helps to do that a lot. I regularly make the oats, dosa and the health drink for my baby which is very healthy and also easy to make!”

Massage pack by Earth Baby,Himalaya,Woods& Petals



As rightly said, “Massage time means the time, where you strengthen your bond with your baby!” This massage pack is designed in just the perfect way to prove this correct. The combo-pack includes cold press coconut oil, baby lotion and natural body scrub.

Review by one of our customer, Rahool Shaha, just made us believe that daddies are also equally capable of taking care of their babies as are the mommies. This is what he had to say, “I am responsible for massaging my baby and this pack is very good for all the products. After using the coconut oil and baby lotion the skin remains soft and fresh throughout. The body scrub nicely cleans the skin also.”

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