5 Great Ways To Celebrate Motherhood

5 Great Ways To Celebrate Motherhood

In honor of all of the mothers out there, we wanted to share a few ideas you can take a break and celebrate all the hours you put in being the best mother you can.

1. Pamper yourself. Go get a massage, a pedicure, or a facial. Put some time in to feel like yourself again. Take the time to remember who you were before children so that when you return feeling rejuvenated, your children get the best part of you.

2. Go to the library and read a book in a quiet room. When was the last time you had time to dive into a good book without the constant ear out for your children? Escape into someone else's world for a short time.

3. Take a trip to a museum. Spend some quiet time absorbing the art or gardens of a beautiful space. Relax and use the time to learn about something new. Explore something you hadn't had time to before.

4. Have a girls' night out. We are so used to having 5 bags with us at all times carrying diapers, food, extra clothes, and napkins. Take a break and have some time talking about something other than children.

5. If you want to create some time for yourself on a weekly basis, take up a new hobby. Find something that interests you and sign up for classes. We should never stop learning or developing interests. Following our passions is a great way to maintain our sense of self and identity.

We spend a lot of time with our children on a daily basis, teaching them, taking care of them, raising them. As much as we love them with every fiber of our being, sometimes we need to take a turn to take care of ourselves. We don't stop being ourselves just because we are now mothers. Even though we spend countless hours in our children's worlds, reading books or singing Ghotu Motu Ki Toli nursery rhymes to them, we should always remember who we are. Teaching our children to believe in themselves by setting an example of how we take care of ourselves is an important lesson for them to learn.


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