Our MomStars: The Gems Of BabyChakra

Our MomStars: The Gems Of BabyChakra

The best jewels that adorn a mom’s neck are the arms of her children,  and the best jewels that make BabyChakra beautiful are the jewels that  are our Momstars.


We proudly present, MomStars: The Gems of BabyChakra


Who is a MomStar?

She is precious, powerful and beautiful. She shares her parenting moments, tips, celebrations and pours her heart out on the app. She invites her friends to join the community of BabyChakra and helps by commenting on questions and posts made by other mothers. She is a true Gem.


We appreciate and honor such MomStars with a beautiful badge and title. Take a look at the badges for each level.



Our MomStars enjoy special privileges.

As a MomStar, you can conduct interactive sessions for other moms on the platform called the AMA, Ask Me Anything, (a fun Q and A session where the MomStar answers questions on a topic of her choice). You can even take over the entire app with the Mommy TakeOver! (Our app event where the MomStar shares a series of posts with us all day) You can share unlimited experiences and make Babychakra even better than it is.


MomStars are rewarded special gifts and products to try out and review before anyone else. We also gift our MomStars exclusive invites to grand events. Isn’t that special?


Here is a glimpse of our MomStar privileges.



Every time you post, ask, comment and invite, you earn points. These points define your MomStar status.

There are seven levels to our MomStar program starting from Crystal MomStar to Diamond MomStar as mentioned in the table.



Currently, you may not see your points but very soon your profile page will have your MomStar title and your points as well to help you track your MomStar level.


Are you ready to shine, sparkle and shimmer to make Babychakra even more  beautiful? Be the bedazzling Momstar that you already are!


Go to your profile and check out what gem you are!



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