Meet Harsha, The Masala Box!

Meet Harsha, The Masala Box!

19 May 2015 | 3 min Read

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Nutrition is a big word in today’s lifestyle, and our this week’s star Mom entrepreneur- HarshaThachery is delivering nutrition and taste packed in her yummy food offerings at MasalaBox. Here she shares how the entrepreneurial bug bit her and how she cured it with her passion. Read on…. 


1. My Mom Quotient

I’m a very hands-on mother. I like to be part of every minute of my daughter’s life. I believed in and enjoyed doing everything for her by myself and never had a nanny to take care of her. I’m also a very controlling parent and am always telling her right and wrong but now I’ve started letting go a bit and learnt that you just need to let them be,so they learn from their own mistakes.


2. My Mom Inc. Story

When I was expecting my daughter, I started exploring healthier eating out options and realized that there weren’t many available. That I would say was the seed of the idea that is Masalabox today. Then I got busy with the baby and couldn’t take it forward. Later when she started eating solids, I started thinking of food from a nutritional point of view and that’s when we started thinking about it seriously and registered the website way back in 2012. My hands were still tied with a toddler in the house. So when she turned 3 and was ready for school I sounded the idea to a friend and founded Masalabox with her. Masalabox is a platform that connects home chefs to customers. You can order healthy preservative free home-cooked food in the touch of a button.





I chose the food space because I’ve always been passionate about food and come from a family of foodies. My mom and grandmom are phenomenal cooks.

We launched Masalabox in Kochi in August, 2014 and 7 months down the line, we’ve launched in our 2nd city, Bangalore. We launched the iOS and ANDROID apps for mobiles in January 2015.


3. Who Inspired/ Supported Me

My husband, Jugul, is my biggest support. He’s the one who keeps me going when I’m down and out.Both my mother and MIL have been taking care of my daughter after school since the day I started working. If not for them I would not be able to put my 100% into my business without stressing about my child’s wellbeing.


4. Advice/Tips

Simply follow your passion and strive for excellence and the rest will follow. Also get savvy with social media to market your business well. Personally, try and balance Work & life by spending some quality time with your child and a few dates with your husband, no matter how simple they are. 


5. I love BabyChakra because it is like they say everything mommy needs, under one roof. The recommendations and endorsement by mothers helps in choosing a service especially in the case of a pediatrician in a new city.

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