How To Soothe A Crying Baby?

How To Soothe A Crying Baby?

Crying can be thought of as a language which babies use to communicate with us. There is no other way around it. You have to be aware of the reasons behind those cries and comprehend what your little one is trying to tell you. It can be a bit difficult at first, but once you get the hang of it, you will become an expert.

So here is some insight on how to soothe a crying baby:

Satisfy Their Hunger Pangs

This is the first thing that comes to mind when your baby cries. Learning to recognize the cries of hunger will help you be prepared. This way you can start feeding your baby before the crying stage. Some hunger signs to watch out for in newborns include fussing, lip smacking, and putting their hands in their mouth.

Take Care of Your Diet

There can be diet-related problems which you will learn as you go about your quest on how to soothe a crying baby. Gas and stomach pain is one of the most obvious causes behind a crying baby as their digestive systems are still delicate and can make it difficult to process nutrients which are making their way to them through your breastmilk.


Changing your diet might alleviate the discomfort. Have a word with your doctor before making any significant changes.

Try Swaddling

Swaddling a baby


Swaddling means wrapping a baby in a cozy blanket like a burrito and cuddling them. Many newborns appreciate being swaddled. It makes them feel safer. If your baby is too old for swaddling, try going to a quiet spot and just let them vent for a while. It helps a lot, especially with infants.

Be On the Go

A baby is curious and eager to experience the world around itself, and they often get upset when confined to four-wall enclosures for too long. In these cases, the only way to stop the tears is for you to stay active constantly. It can be exhausting, no doubt; so try carrying your baby facing out in a front carrier. This way they can see everything happening around them.

There are many ways you can spend time outdoors without it being physically taxing. Plan plenty of activities. Spend time with the family to maximize their interactions. Go on regular outings to kid-friendly places, such as your local park or the zoo.

Check for New Teeth

Teething can be a difficult experience as each new tooth pushes through tender young gums. Some babies feel pain more than the others and are likely to be disturbed by this occurrence. If your baby seems to be in pain and you are not able to figure out the reason, try feeling their gums with your clean and sanitized finger. You might discover an emerging baby tooth. In such cases, teething rings and teethers help to soothe the baby. Wrapping little ice chips into a soft sanitized fabric and applying it on the gums is another way to offer a teething child relief. The cold pressure on the gums provides comfort without making the child’s fingers cold.

Go for Some White Noise

Crying babies are often soothed by the familiarity of white noise. Noise machines and vacuum cleaners or some music genre like chants can surprisingly be helpful. Specific sounds might be used to help encourage sleep regardless of environmental noises. Examples include rainforest or soothing beach sounds.

Try the Mini Cycling Technique

If you have burped your baby and you still feel that they are being difficult, try “biking” her legs, which can help relieve any gas that might be causing pain. Biking means moving their legs like they are riding a bicycle. Alternatively, you can also take both legs by the thighs and, move the legs in a semi-circle over the tummy.

A Precautionary Word

All these techniques will help you learn how to soothe your crying baby, but  if your little one is still continuously fussy and crying, it is best that you pay your doctor a visit to eliminate any underlying causes.



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