Is The Concept of Birth Doula Picking Up In India?

Is The Concept of Birth Doula Picking Up In India?

Parenthood can be difficult. It is especially tougher for first-time parents as knowing everything about raising a child on their own is impossible. This is where a birth doula comes in handy. A birth doula is a trained professional who guides parents to take care of and cope with raising their baby.  


This concept was widely followed in many parts of the world and has recently gained popularity in India too. There is now an increased awareness towards accepting a doula into households. 


Would you like to know how a doula can make the experience of parenthood more memorable for you and your partner? 

Read on to find out.



What is the Difference Between a Doula and a Nurse?

Both professions are unique in their ways. A nurse is a healthcare professional who knows the ins and outs of medical care, right from general procedures to emergencies. A birth doula, on the other hand, knows about parenthood and the difficulties faced by first-time parents. This professional can provide valuable insight into regular childcare practices. The most important difference, however, is that doulas provide advice, not a diagnosis. 


What Don't Doulas Do?

There are some limitations to the responsibilities of doulas. A few of these are that doulas don't:

  • Make decisions on your behalf.
  • Attend to/Handle medical emergencies.
  • Replace your partner and/or doctor.
  • Provide medical advice.
  • Negotiate with your healthcare providers.


Types of Assistance

There are multiple aspects of a pregnancy process that can be improved under the guidance of a birth doula. For example, doulas are vastly knowledgeable about:

  • Massage techniques and stress points in the body.
  • Assistance methodologies that help both you and your partner to support each other.
  • Synchronized breathing and relaxation approaches.
  • Labour physiology.
  • Emotional and psychological support.


How Can You Find a Good Birth Doula?

It is slightly difficult to find a trustworthy doula the first time around. While this job has existed for decades, the prevalence of the profession is not as far reaching as it should be. One way to find a good doula is to ask around within hospitals, pregnancy yoga institutes, and other such organizations that may have a tie-up with doulas. 


Once you find a birth doula, you need to make sure that the professional is a right fit for your needs. For starters, begin by asking some basic questions such as 'How many years of experience have you had as a doula?', 'Do you have a certification?', and 'Is your schedule free around the time of birth?'. This will help you establish a good rapport with the doula. 



Parting Advice

It is important to remember that a birth doula is not a replacement, but a supplement to a doctor. Doulas provide additional assistance before, during, and after the birth to help you and your partner ease into your new roles. If you plan to hire a doula to help with your pregnancy, then you know how you to do this now. So, go ahead and bookmark this article for future reference! 



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