Countdown To Pregnancy: 10 Things To Do Before D Day

Countdown To Pregnancy: 10 Things To Do Before D Day

Finally, it is time for you to welcome your baby into this world! Getting anxious as the  start of the countdown to pregnancy begins, aren't you? Well, we have some fun activities that will allow you to not only relax but also make the most of your time as an expectant mother.

So, in anticipation of your little one's arrival, here are ten things to do before D Day.

Host a Party

Pregnancy is something that you experience with all your friends and family.  So, it is natural that you would want to share your happiness with them. Gather all your loved ones as you start your countdown to pregnancy.

Photoshoot With a Theme

Having a photoshoot is a great way of preserving your memories as the countdown to pregnancy starts. You can choose to select a particular theme for your photoshoot and even get the whole family involved.

For example, many young mothers prefer to have a kangaroo-themed photoshoot with a baby kangaroo in their pouch, symbolising their pregnancy.

Time Capsule

Won't you love it if your baby could figuratively travel back in time to when you were pregnant? Well, it is possible! Create a time capsule by putting all the relevant things that accurately represent the time of your pregnancy in a box. You can even preserve the memories of your baby's ultrasound by placing the photos of it in the box.

Plant a Tree

As you start your countdown to pregnancy to welcome a new member into your family, try doing something unique for them. Marking the birth of your child by planting a tree that they can grow old with is one such unique gift you can give to your baby before even meeting them.



Write a Letter

During pregnancy, you constantly talk to your baby bump. But, wouldn't it be wonderful if your baby could understand what you're saying? Well, you could simply choose to write a letter for them to read when they are old enough. This way, they can feel closer, and the bond between you and your child grows stronger when they can finally understand what you thought when you were pregnant.

Learn to Change Diapers

It won't always be goo-goo gaa-gaa when your little munchkin arrives. Babies make a mess, and you need to be prepared. Learn to change diapers on a doll along with your spouse. To make it exciting, you can even race each other to see who is the fastest!

Go on a Babymoon

Once your baby finally arrives, they're going to take up most of your time. So, to ensure that both you and your spouse get enough time to spend with each other, plan a trip before your infant's birth. Many expectant parents plan such trips, and they are aptly called 'babymoons.'

Shoot a Video

You can shoot videos that would allow you as well as your baby to relive the time when you were pregnant. Major events such as getting your pregnancy reports, ultrasound, or the baby shower can be included in your videos.

Have a Quiz

Want to see who knows more about raising babies between you and your spouse? Well, get your Einstein on and have a quiz competition amongst yourselves. Whoever wins gets eternal bragging rights in front of your kid.

Baby Shopping

Women love shopping for their babies! From cute shoes to even cuter baby clothes, the list is endless. Add a stroller and a baby car seat to your shopping list, and you are good to go.

Enjoy the Ride

While you are concerned with providing your baby with the best healthcare and nutrition, it is important to have some fun, as well. The countdown to pregnancy can be a joyful experience! The above-mentioned activities will not only strengthen your bond with your baby but also make the wait enjoyable.


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