Viral Rash In Children

Viral Rash In Children

Red marks or eruptions on your baby's skin may be common but not every red mark is the same. Some may be simple mosquito bites, while some could be rashes.

A rash can be defined as an irritation in the skin accompanied by redness, bumps, or cysts. There may be multiple causes for a rash. In children, viral infections are the most common causes of rashes. The reasons for these viral rashes in children may be anything such as common cold or measles. These viral rashes are not allergic reactions and hence mostly do not cause pain or itching.

It takes a few days to cure them completely. The normal line of treatment for a viral rash in children does not call for the employment of antibiotics.


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Symptoms of Viral Rash in Children

If you observe the below-mentioned symptoms, it is likely that the child is suffering from a Viral Rash:

• Fever
• Energy loss
• Reduced appetite
• A headache
• Muscle aches
• Stomach pain

There may be times when a severe infection may appear as a viral rash during the initial days. Hence, it is important that you watch out for the warning signs.

How to Take Care if your Child is Suffering From a Viral Rash?

Below are some tips on how to take care in case of a viral rash in children:

Keep offering fluids

Fever may accelerate water loss in the body. Infants below one year must be fed breastmilk periodically. You can also offer ORS. You can give plenty of other fluids such as water, juice, etc. to older kids.

Do not force solids

A viral rash in children usually comes with an aversion to solids, and that is fine. As long as the baby keeps having fluids, you need not force them to ingest solids.

Encourage them to rest

If your child has contracted a viral rash, it is important for them to rest at home or play peacefully. Irregular sleeping intervals and irritation may accompany the rash. Intermittent naps will help them get the required amount of rest. You must place the baby with their upper body raised to ease breathing and promote sleep.

Administer fever medicines based on doctor’s advice

A fever and episodes of crankiness accompany most viral rashes. You must consult a doctor and provide medications to bring the fever down.
When to Seek a Medical Opinion

The below-mentioned symptoms require medical intervention, and you must visit your doctor if you observe them:

• Rash on eyes, mouth, or genitals
• The severity of the rash increases rather than decreasing
• High temperature
• Very rapid breathing
• Wheezing
• Ear pains
• Pain in the sinuses
• Pain in the neck
• Loose stools or vomiting
• Change in colour of rashes from red to dark purple
• Dehydration that can be ascertained by lack of tears while crying, sunken eyes, dry mouth, etc.

When do You Need to Rush to The Emergency

You need to rush to the emergency room in case of the following symptoms:

• Breathing Troubles
• Drowsy or problem in waking up
• Fainting
• Accelerated heart rate
• Seizures
• Stiff neck

Viral rash in children may be a common condition, but the severity varies from child to child. It is very important to keep your baby hydrated and look out for signs. It is always a good idea to  consult a doctor in case you observe anything unusual.


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