Ragi Benefits For Babies

Ragi Benefits For Babies

Proper nutrition and diet are the foundations of a healthy life. If you start picking the correct food options for your baby early on, they will grow up to lead a healthy life. One of the most nutritious options that you can incorporate in your baby's diet is Ragi, which is called a Superfood.

About Ragi

Ragi can be found in abundance in India. Also known as finger millet or Nachni,  it contains proteins, iron, and calcium in high amounts. This whole grain has important amino acids like phenylalanine, methionine, isoleucine, and leucine. Ragi can be cultivated even when there is a drought. So, it is available throughout the year.

It can be quite a struggle to prepare a meal for kids which includes maximum benefits. Kids tend only to pick up food which appeals to their taste buds. So as a parent it becomes hard to balance both taste and nutritional value. Ragi is a cereal rich in nutrition, and the benefits of Ragi especially for babies are immense.


So here are many of the benefits of ragi for babies:

Rich Source of Calcium

There is no cereal whose calcium content comes close to Ragi's . Calcium, along with vitamin D helps build stronger bones and prevents osteoporosis. Ragi decreases the risk of bone fractures and helps keep bone problems at bay. Therefore, you should consider including ragi porridge in your growing baby's diet so that they can reap its benefits.

Plenty of Natural Iron

Iron is present in Ragi in large amounts and can help prevent anaemia in babies. Ragi contains a good amount of Vitamin C which aids in the absorption of iron. Consumption of Ragi also helps prevent malnutrition.

Keeps the Baby Full

One of the many ragi benefits for babies is the high fibre content. Ragi contains a very high amount of dietary fibre which helps in digestion and prevents overfeeding by keeping babies full for a longer time. Ragi has amino acids, methionine, and lecithin which control the level of cholesterol and prevent fat build up around the liver. It also helps keep obesity at bay.

Acts Against Anxiety


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The presence of a large number of antioxidants in Ragi helps relax the baby and acts as a preventive agent against anxiety. Specially processed Ragi powder for infants is available in stores all over the world, and the mother can use it when weaning.

Boosts Overall Immunity


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The presence of various essential nutrients in ragi benefits babies by boosting their overall immunity. Babies have a weak immune system that can be easily compromised. Including foods such as ragi in the baby’s diet is of essential importance as it can keep diseases and infections away. The antimicrobial properties of Ragi act  against various microbes that can weaken immunity.

Precautions to Bear in Mind

As with all things related to your child, maintaining hygiene and cleanliness are chief when you make and feed your baby anything. Ragi powder, whole ragi, and sprouted ragi are some of the options you can choose from depending on how old your baby is. Consult your doctor before making any changes in your baby's diet.

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