Enjoy Bird Watching Like Salim Mamoo With Your Very Own Bird-Watching Kit!

Enjoy Bird Watching Like Salim Mamoo With Your Very Own Bird-Watching Kit!


If you’ve read Salim Mamoo and Me, you’re sure to know all about the exciting adventures he takes bird lovers on, along with little Zai. Enjoying nature and discovering new birds in hundreds of different colours and sizes is a great way to spend your day after school, right?From cute little tailor birds to koyals with the sweetest voices, you can spot quite a lot if you look carefully! So, if you like birds, you’re going to love this.


We’re about to show you how to make your own bird-watching kit with binoculars, a bird-feeder and fun books that you can take along outside to show your friends all the different birds around! Sounds fun?Then let’s go!


ACTIVITY: DIY Bird Watching Kit

What you will need:


Image Source: hgtv

For the binoculars

  • 2-3 tissue/toilet paper rolls
  • Duct tape
  • Glue
  • Yarn/ String
  • Black paint (or any paint of your favourite colour)
  • Scissors


Step 1:
Take two tissue paper rolls and paint them in your favourite colour. (Pssst..it’s better to stick to black, since it won’t scare the little birds you’re watching!)


Step 2:
Use glue or duct tape to hold the rolls together, forming neat binoculars.


Step 3:
Ask a parent to help you punch holes at the top edges.


Step 4:
Put some string or yarn through the holes, tying them in a knot at the end.

There you go! Your binoculars’ ready to use.


Source: Kristina crafts for kids



For the bird-feeder

  • 50 Ice-cream sticks
  • Glue
  • Bird seeds
  • Rope/ Twine


Step 1:

Pick out 12 ice-cream sticks for the bottom of your bird-feeder.

Step 2:

Glue them up side-by-side.

Step 3:

Then, make a second row of ice-cream sticks going in the opposite direction. Keep going, alternating this way and that each time, until you have six neat rows.


Step 4:

With your parents’ help, stick the rope or twine to the bottom of the bird-feeder and loop it around until it reaches the top.

Step 5:

Stick it up at the top, using glue.

Step 6:

Fill it up with seeds, hang it outside your window and grab your binoculars! It’s bird-watching time.

Easy-peasy, isn’t it?


 Source: Factory Direct Craft



If you’d like, you can also add in a fun book on bird-watching to your kit. Choose from colouring books, journals and more that’ll tell you all about your flying friends. Here are some books we think you will like:


Birds kids coloring books

Learn about the birds of the world with this fun colouring book.


The Alphabet of animals and birds

Learn about a lot more than birds with this fun book which will teach you all about collective nouns, too!


Birds from my window

Source: youngindiabooks

Reading about birds never seemed like more fun! Know everything that birds get up to with this book by bird-lover Ranjit Lal.


Birds explore nature with fun facts and activities

This book tells you about different types of birds and comes with lots of exciting activities that you can do with all your friends!


The parakeet that squawked in English

Another exciting way to learn about birds is by reading stories about them. Laugh out loud as you read about Pushy Pigeon and Banshee the Barn Owl in this collection of bird stories.


100 facts Birds

Look at beautiful pictures, learn new facts and take some quizzes with this book on birds.


Finally, go ahead and put your binoculars, bird-feeder and book(s) inside a nice big box that you can label with your name. How exciting! Ask your parents to help you find one of the right size.


Now, are you ready? Well then, let’s go bird-watching!


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