1st Time Mom: Enjoy Your Pregnancy

1st Time Mom: Enjoy Your Pregnancy

Most women call pregnancy the most beautiful period of their lives. However,  many 1st-time moms find it difficult to cope with their changing body, spending the nine months in confusion.

Indeed, having a life growing inside your tummy could feel odd at times. But girls, if you are preggers, as long or hard it may seem, it won’t last forever. Just let go of the stress and enjoy this phase of life. Let us tell you how:

Take Care of Your Body

The first trimester is associated with the feeling of nausea and extreme tiredness.  You can’t completely get rid of nausea but having small meals and resting adequately can help. On the bright side, you can finally give in to your food cravings – no more guilt for gorging on that extra piece of cake.

About the tiredness, an afternoon siesta could be your best friend.

Get Regular Massages

Prenatal massage is known to relax your body, ease the muscles, improve circulation, and even help with back pain. So grab the opportunity and enjoy nurturing massages regularly to feel on top of the world and alleviate stress.

Take time out to pamper your body, and don’t forget the feet - there isn't much a relaxing pedicure cannot cure, isn't it?

Maintain a Photo Diary

Say hello to good hair days and glowing skin. According to research, the surge in hormones during pregnancy leads to glowing skin and thicker hair for most women.
Why not capture this beauty forever? Make your pregnancy super special by having a photo shoot each trimester – creating your very own pregnancy catalogue!

The best part? You get to shop for gorgeous stuff, dress up, and create everlasting memories you’ll cherish forever.

Dress up Cute

Time to look frumpy? No way. Stay fashionable during your pregnancy by steering clear of those 'unshapely' clothes and gowns. Today, there are designers who specialise in pregnancy wear as well as retail brands that stock up everything from pregnancy dungarees to frocks that look cute and feel comfortable at the same time.

Spend Time With Your Partner

All you 1st time moms-to-be, this is the last time you’d be together with your husband as a couple and not as parents. Make the best of this time – cherish every moment together, go on romantic dates, flirt with each other, and of course, let him pamper you, be it with a foot massage, shoulder rub, or a midnight ice cream treat.

Slow Down, It's Your Time!

Ladies, when you are pregnant, it is vital to care for your body; slow down and relax. Many women reduce their working hours during pregnancy, and it is fine to do so. These nine months are about you and your baby. Give yourself a break if you like; listen to your favourite music, read books, or binge-watch the telly – you might not get the chance again soon with a baby on your hands.

For these few months, resolve to focus on your physical and mental health, nurture your body and your unborn child with unconditional love. Remember, you’ll be a 1st-time mom only once in your lifetime – so enjoy it while it lasts!


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