Ready For Round 2? Here Are Some Things You Need To Know Before You Plan Your 2nd Pregnancy

Ready For Round 2? Here Are Some Things You Need To Know Before You Plan Your 2nd Pregnancy

27 May 2015 | 4 min Read

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Having already been there done that once, can make you believe that you know everything there is to know about being pregnant. However, even your second pregnancy may have a few surprises in store for you!

While it may seem like you know the tricks of the trade, especially if your first pregnancy was a smooth one, your subsequent one may just shatter that myth. Even most pregnancy books out there impart the same wisdom – “Every pregnancy is different”. Yes, even if you are still the same you. And while you may be on your second tour of the pregnancy circuit, your body still has a mind of its own. And that’s not the only surprise in store. Read on to know more…

Hello Hormones:
The buggers responsible for the bad case of PMS or the weepy menstrual cycle that had your hubby in a bind are nothing compared to the influx of hormones when you are pregnant. And the levels vary with each pregnancy. Hence while you may have been sickness free and super active during your first pregnancy, your second one may just surprise you with a fresh batch of hormone induced nausea or the emotional see saw from one minute to the next. Husbands brace yourself – just because she did this before, doesn’t mean that you wont have a weepy wife this time around!

Bumpy start:
If you safely concealed your pregnancy the first time around right until your fifth month, expect to start popping well before your first trimester is up this time. That’s becauseyour abdominal muscles and skin have already been maxed out the first time you got pregnant, and unless you have been a permanent gym resident its quite likely that your muscles aren’t as taut as they once were, causing the faster bulge in your belly in round two.

Aches and pains:
There is no way around this one. The back aches and fatigue will come faster this time, and that’s probably because you don’t have as much rest as you did with your first pregnancy. No cat naps, no lazing around on the sofa on the days that you are feeling a tad weathered down. Now you probably have a toddler demanding all your energy and attention, even though you are carrying another person in your belly.

Other symptoms:
While not all symptoms from your last pregnancy will occur the second time too, there are some conditions that will definitely remain through each pregnancy. For example if you had experienced varicose veins, gestational diabetes or hemorrhoids during your last pregnancy, then it is likely that these symptoms will occur earlier on with each pregnancy and may unfortunately be more severe each time. If you did experience either of these symptoms it may be wise to start preparing your body for it in any way you can. For instance start a high fiber diet in case you suffered from severe constipation the last time around. Also adding plenty of fluids to your diet can help. In case of gestational diabetes you may want to ensure that your diet is not too high in carbohydrates starch and sugar. As always you can check about any doubts or concerns you have with your consulting gynaecologist.

Preparing your child: One thing that is going to change significantly from your first pregnancy is that this time around you have a little one to prepare for another child’s arrival. It can be one of the biggest changes for a child, and as parents you need to handle this change very carefully with your child, so that she continues to feel loved despite the addition to the family. We even have some tips to help your child transition into this change in our next article.

Labour time: The good news with a second pregnancy is that labour time might be much easier and shorter in round two as your uterine muscles have already had their share of push and pull during the last pregnancy. Your labour time may also be reduced with the second delivery as will your recovery.

With the second pregnancy, there wont be too much fussing about you – and believe us you might be glad for it. Not too many do’s and don’ts and not too much caution, other than what is necessary. More importantly you will know better what works for you and your body. So the only thing you need to do is listen to your body and the little munchkin growing inside you and enjoy this experience all over again!


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