Boys Will Be Boys

Boys Will Be Boys

This is an age old saying (no clue on who said it) but, it still makes sense I guess.  So, you are a  boy's (or boys) mom? Welcome to the Demolition Land. Fasten your seat belt! It's going to be a topsy turvy ride but, you will love it (if you have that kind of energy).



With a baby boy at home, you will hardly have time to catch your breath. We are 4 adults and a dog (who invariably gets tortured everyday) in this house and all of us put together also, cannot match Riaan's stamina. He is a powerhouse who eats just one fourth of what I eat but, the spirit! It's something out of this world.


Our day begins with full of vigor and twelve to thirteen hours later too, we are still the same (read Riaan. The rest of us are dead!). The definition of everything in the house has changed. Sofas which were originally meant for relaxing are now for jumping all the time. And the cushions are by default, always thrown around the hall. The woofers of our swanky home theatre system are always filled with toys and crayons and potatoes and what not!  Plastic chairs are meant to be turned upside down to serve as a fully automatic 4 wheeler for the pretend play sessions (yes, we have a kid who is obsessed with cars and bikes). The only two songs I listen to and hum are 'The wheels on the bus' and 'Daddy finger'. The level of mischief has gone two notches up. By now, I wouldn't be surprised if my neighbors think that I'm a banshee. I have wondered sometimes when they maintain a safe distance while speaking to me.


Boys are indeed a handful to deal with but yes, no one can deny the fact that they too can be the sweetest. I love that innocent smile I get every morning. Those random hugs and unexpected kisses make my day. The possessiveness is super cute. The way he inquires if I'm ok even if I wince, melts my heart totally. To hug him and sleep is completely blissful.



Mommies, enjoy this phase of your baby’s innocence as it won't last long and even before you know it your munchkin will be all grown up.


Do you also have any experiences to share? Do drop a line.


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