Weight Loss By Diet And Exercise Safe For Pregnant Women: Study

Weight Loss By Diet And Exercise Safe For Pregnant Women: Study

“Eat for two, you’re pregnant.” Most expecting mums must have heard this at least once during their pregnancy. This myth often leads to mothers-to-be eating more than their daily requirement, leading to unnecessary weight gain. Obesity during pregnancy is a recipe for several complications like gestational diabetes, hypertension, risk of C-section and overweight babies.


A group of trials conducted by the US National Institutes of Health on 1150 pregnant women in their second trimester showed that with the right lifestyle and diet interventions, expecting women can limit their weight gain and remain in the healthy pregnancy weight group, thereby reducing the risk of developing complications.


However, it’s interesting to note that the reduced weight gain in these women did not reduce the possibility of complications such as hypertension, diabetes, C-section or preeclampsia. The reason could be because “by the time these women are already in the second trimester, it may already be late to change important outcomes”, said lead author of the study, Alan Peaceman, from the Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, US.


So the necessary precautions for diet and lifestyle changes must ideally begin before or in early pregnancy. According to Peaceman, this study is important as it shows that women can change behaviours to to control pregnancy weight gain.


So adopting a healthy lifestyle and watching what you eat early on in pregnancy can not only pave way for a healthy pregnancy journey, but can also help new mums spring back to their pre pregnancy weight, faster.


Disclaimer: Information has been sourced from Indianexpress


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