Meet Shabia: She’s a Skincare Queen, But Don’t Call Her Mompreneur

Meet Shabia: She’s a Skincare Queen, But Don’t Call Her Mompreneur

Mom Quotient

I always wanted to be a mother even as a child. So when I became one, there was sheer joy. My daughter has been the inspiration behind my bestselling book; Mamma Mania and the motivator behind starting my natural skincare line, ‘Wild Earth’. She is also the cheerleader of our social work through, ‘The Bluebells Community’.
She is the reason I want to be a better version of myself each day. There is nothing I don’t tell my daughter Sia. My joys, wins, defeats, disappointments are all hers to hear. I want her to see me as a real human being, an equal and a confidante.


I neither expect the world to cut me slack for it nor take me any less seriously than they would take a man. My business is not a part time job I do when my daughter is sleeping. My business and my family are two equal parts of my life and both are my priorities. In fact to be honest, I detest the term ‘Mompreneur’. Have you heard of fathers who call themselves ‘Dadpreneurs’? So why should we?


Mom Inc. Story

My concern for what we put on our bodies, the harmful chemicals that mass-produced bath and body products contain, my restlessness with media and the urge to spend more time with my daughter led me to start my own handmade, natural, cruelty-free skincare line, ‘Wild Earth’. It started in our kitchen and today has spread its wings in online sales, retail, corporate gifting and exports. The brand's Rose Honey Face & Body Wash is one of the most popular items on BabyChakra and our users swear by it. The product is mild and hence it can be used on both, the face and body. It's a boon for dry skin as the rose petals lock in the moisture and also provide a lovely fragrance. Use it twice a daily, and you will notice improvements in your skin almost immediately.




Who Inspired Me the Most


Inspiration to me is not a one-time thing. Sometimes a child, sometimes a mentor, sometimes nature itself is so inspiring. But there is one special inspiration, my mom.



I think the small, very small bit of social work I do, the giving back syndrome, the strong headedness, determination and focus through all hardships, comes from her. And oh yes, I have got her temper too.


Advice for Mompreneurs



Innovation is the name of the game and today the online space is a huge boon for new entrepreneurs like me. How you use it to your advantage is what sets you apart from the rest of them.


Finally, there is no one in this world who will believe in your product more than you do. So make it the best, believe in it and then let your customers shout out loud for you. That’s my mantra!

And lastly motherhood is just a milestone in our lives. Let that never stop you from achieving your dreams.

I love BabyChakra because

It’s a one-stop platform for all mother and baby needs. I see a lot of young mothers in nuclear families struggle for authentic and well researched advice on everything and I think Babychakra fills that gap.


Plus, it has an array of well trusted, tried and tested, specially curated brands that you know are good for your baby. I think it successfully cuts out the wheat from the chaff and for a mother whose time is most precious, this is a great boon.


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