Three Post Pregnancy Workouts To Keep You Mommies Fit!

Three Post Pregnancy Workouts To Keep You Mommies Fit!

Being a mom is hard. But the changes that happen to our body hit us even harder. From the thighs to the loose belly we have so much to complain about. Here are some exercises you can fit in easily in your day to improve your core strength. As a mom of 2 brats I know how difficult it is to get a proper workout or hit the gym. So here are some exercises you can squeeze in the day.


1. The Plank Challenge - Challenge yourself to do 4 planks a day each lasting a minute each. Hold your body in a straight line supporting yourself on toes and forearms. Hold the position for a minute or as long as your body let's you. With practice you can increase the duration. So everytime you go to your room do a plank.
Benefits: The plank will strengthen your core and reduce your belly.


2. Kegels - Do them each time you check Babychakra. It will strengthen your pelvic muscles and back too!
Benefits: Kegels will strengthen your pelvic floor. A strong pelvic floor will reduce the backache that comes with motherhood.


3. Squats - Along with your planks do a set of 5 squats.
Benefits: The squats will shape your butt and tone your thighs.


Advantages of these mini workouts:

Increase metabolism -  For the same amount of food eaten, more calories will be burnt.
Convenient to do - No gym equipment or special time to be taken out. Each spurt of workout takes 2 minutes. So that's just 2 minutes, 4 times a day.


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