Staying At Home With Kids Tougher Than Going To Work, Say Parents

Staying At Home With Kids Tougher Than Going To Work, Say Parents

Most people feel that stay-at-home mums have a easy and fulfilling life as they are away from the stress at the workplace. But according to a survey conducted by Aveeno, mothers believe that staying at home with their baby is harder than handling a full time job! Now who would've thought that a pint sized human would make your taskmaster boss at work feel meek in comparison?


In the study, 31% parents said that staying at home was harder than working;  55% agreed that having a baby was hard work and 20% agreed that it was difficult. The respondents were mostly new parents and these answers were irrespective of whether they had help at home or not.


Why does this feel this way? It could be because:


  • Parenting requires you to be invested mentally and physically 24*7,which drains a person out
  • Even with help, constantly thinking of the physical and psychological well-being of a child during this new age parenting is not easy
  • Parenting problems can seem endless for new and first time parents who don't really know what to expect
  • Too many choices and too much advice  also exhausts a parent who otherwise has to deal with fewer choices at work

But ask parents if they would have it another way, and the answer is a refreshing, “no” as the love they feel for that tiny human being makes it all worthwhile.


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