Celeb Social Media Posts That Every Parent Will Relate To

Celebrities have a huge following even in the virtual world, thanks to social media connecting them with their fans. Following them on Twitter or Instagram and can help you get a peek into their everyday lives.

How often do we find them posting about their children and admiring the healthy relationship they share? While many celeb posts about their kids rate high on cuteness and glamour quotients, there are some that stay etched in your mind and heart for a long time.

Here’s a quick look at some social media posts you can instantly connect with and pick cues on how you, as a parent, can raise your kids.



Shahid Kapoor recently tweeted about his daughter Misha’s ill-health coinciding with his newborn son Zain’s arrival at home. Looks like Shahid is a hands-on dad who prioritises his parenting duties over professional commitments.

Parenting Lesson #1: Parenting is not just a mother’s responsibility. Daddies must pitch in too whenever they can, particularly in tough situations when your presence can indeed be comforting for the family. Work is important but so is being there for your children, particularly when they are unwell.



We all know that Sonali Bendre is putting up a brave fight against cancer and is currently undergoing treatment in the USA. Breaking out the news of her ailment to her son Ranveer couldn’t have been easy but the parents did it considering the honest and transparent relationship they have always had with him. Ranveer has been dealing with the situation maturely and is supporting his mom wonderfully through the difficult phase.

Parenting Lesson #2: Do not be over-protective about your kids. They are way stronger than you could ever imagine. Get them to face reality just the way you are doing and let the feeling come to them naturally to support you through the trying times. Doing this will strengthen the bond between you and your children and make them feel closer to you.



Shah Rukh Khan is known for his intelligent tweets and an amazing sense of humour. The father of three beautiful kids recently posted something very meaningful about parenting.
He has rightly described children as the capability of a parent and not their responsibility. While he has explicitly mentioned in his post that he is merely expressing his gratitude to his children, there is a hidden message in his post which is perfect for our next parenting lesson!

Parenting Lesson #3: You should never be of the opinion that you are shouldering a burden to raise your kids to grow up to be well-rounded individuals. The moment such a thought comes to you, it means you do not consider yourself capable of providing your little ones with a healthy environment that will help them realise their potential.



Soha Ali Khan’s Instagram feed is loaded with cute pictures of her absolutely adorable daughter Inaya Khemu. While on a family vacation earlier this month, she posted a pic of her brother, Saif Ali Khan’s son Taimur and her daughter Inaya on a playdate. Looks like the cousins get along like a house on fire!

Parenting Lesson #4: It is very important to provide positive experiences to your children to help them build their social skills. Take them out on family vacations or arrange playdates with other kids of their age. Celebrate certain occasions with them, making sure that they bond with the family and understand the importance of maintaining healthy social relationships.


Let Each Day Be a Step Towards Positive Parenting

Whether you are a parent or a parent-to-be, it helps to keep these pointers in mind and nurture your little ones the right way. Growing up in a positive environment will help them thrive in any situation and help them be confident and responsible individuals.



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