Starting A Weight Loss Diet

Starting A Weight Loss Diet

Most people are excited to start new diets and in most cases these diet plans are very different from their regular diets. The enthusiasm might carry through for a week or two and then the diet dies a slow death. If you want to start, start with something small.


My tip: Start with changing one meal a week. Look at how you  can make any  one meal slightly healthier and better for you.


If it’s breakfast for example, look for recipes that are filling, nutritious, balanced but not calorie-dense.


For example:


  • Instead of 2 aloo parathas with pickle you can try:
  • One aloo paratha with less oil and dahi
  • Move to a lentil dosa with pudina chutney
  • Try my overnight oats recipe (That in another post!)


Think of ways to make small changes to any one meal the whole of next week. If you need ideas just comment below and tell me the changes you want to try and will help in anyway I can.


Small changes are sustainable over the long run. You don’t need to be x kgs by y date. So take your time and do it right!


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