Common Skin Rashes In Children And Treatment

Common Skin Rashes In Children And Treatment

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When you notice a rash on your child’s body, you will get a little anxious. What could be the cause? Is it serious? Should you take your child to the doctor? All these questions chase each other in your mind. You will be relieved to know that baby skin rash is quite common. And, they are usually not due to a serious condition. Most often,  rashes go away on their own. All you need to do is try and reduce the itching and discomfort your child is facing. So, let’s explore how you can opt for the right baby skin rashes treatment to avoid the baby’s discomfort.

Causes Of Skin Rashes In Kids

We have tried to demystify the subject for you. Read on to find out the seven most common causes of skin rashes in babies.

1. Chicken Pox

It is less common nowadays because vaccines are available, but every mother dreads chickenpox. A highly contagious viral infection brings on a rash that is more like a collection of blisters. Treatment of chickenpox involves trimming your child’s fingernails to prevent scratching. To reduce the itching, apply calamine lotion to the affected area.

Chickenpox disease

2. Prickly Heat

In peak summer, because of heat and humidity, adults and kids develop rashes arising from prickly heat caused by blocked sweat ducts. The best way to deal with it is to dress your child in clothes that keep the skin cool and dry. Avoid ointments, as they keep the skin warm and moist. However, medicated powders can bring relief.

3. Diaper Rash

Most babies get diaper rashes at some time or the other despite you taking preventive measures. This happens because the sensitive skin of your baby comes into close contact with pee and poo. Frequent change of diapers and application of diaper cream is what you should do to tackle the problem. Also, it is essential to leave your baby diaper-free for several hours of the day. Also, read diaper rash treatment.

4. Hives

Also called urticaria, this rash is worrisome if accompanied by wheezing. Take your child to the doctor immediately. Hives are treated with antihistamines. Among the skin rashes in kids, Hives are one of the most common types.

5. Insect Bites

Your child might get bitten by insects – ants or mosquitoes – at home, or he wanders into the garden. This could result in a rash. Clean the bitten area, use a cold compress to treat swelling, and apply a soothing lotion. For bee and wasp stings, it is better to consult a doctor.

Skin Rash Types in Children


Eczema is common in children with allergies or asthma. Unlike other skin rashes in children, this is a chronic condition. Lubricating creams help treat the situation, but sometimes topical steroids are required.


Cellulitis is a common bacterial skin illness in children that can be dangerous. Under these skin rashes in children, the skin gets swollen and red, and it is usually unpleasant and heated to the touch. Cellulitis mainly affects the lower legs, although it can also affect the face, arms, and other body parts.

Erythema Multiforme

An infection or certain medications causes erythema multiforme in children. It’s normally minor rashes that pass in a few weeks. There’s also a rare, severe variety that can harm the lips, genitals, and eyes and is potentially fatal. Erythema multiforme major is the name for this condition.

Skin Rashes Prevention in Kids

  • Do diaper changes on a regular basis
  • Keeping the skin clean and dry is essential.
  • Use an irritant-free washing detergent or a detergent designed specifically for newborns.
  • Dress your infant in cotton or other breathable materials.
  • To minimize overheating, dress your kid appropriately for the weather.

Signs To See A Doctor 

If you get a skin rash and experience any of the symptoms listed below, visit a board-certified dermatologist or go to the emergency department very away:

  • Your body gets covered with a rash
  • You get a fever and a rash
  • The rash appears suddenly and spreads quickly
  • The rash develops blisters
  • The rash is excruciatingly uncomfortable
  • The rash has become infected

Skin Rashes Treatment in Children

Diaper rash is best treated by keeping your baby’s skin as clean and dry as possible. If your baby’s diaper rash doesn’t go away despite your best efforts then you should consult a doctor. If your infant develops a fungal infection, use an antifungal cream – suggested read, how to take care of baby’s skin during summers.

Other common baby skin rashes treatments which you can do just at your home:

  • Baby’s clothes should be washed with a moderate detergent and avoid using fabric softener.
  • If eczema won’t go away, use a steroid cream (hydrocortisone or anything stronger).
  • Avoid harsh chemicals (soaps, detergents, and fragrances) that irritate the skin and make it more prone to damage and rashes.
  • Allowing kids to wear skin-irritating apparel is not a good idea.
  • The itching in eczema is caused by dry skin. The use of moisturising lotions and oil baths on a regular basis will soften the skin.
  • To avoid scratching injuries and skin damage, keep your child’s nails short.
  • Keep changing diapers to maintain proper hygiene and avoid diaper rashes.

If your child is allergic to a certain food or cosmetics, it may result in a rash caused by contact dermatitis. At times, doctors may have to prescribe a topical steroid to treat the condition. Skin rashes in children are not usually something to worry about. However, if they worsen, last longer than a week, are accompanied by fever or show signs of being infected, it is better to consult a physician


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