10 Activities For Kids To Do At Home
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10 Activities For Kids To Do At Home

10 Activities For Kids To Do At Home

If you have a toddler at home, you probably know that as a parent you need to be ever-prepared. Keeping your kids engaged is your best bet to complete your chores well in time and also to maintain your cool.

While the store shelves are full of new and expensive toys and activities, it is a better idea to be innovative and ideate quick activities that will not only be engaging but also help you build a bond with your kid.

Here are 20 activities for kids to do at home that are not only brilliant but also free:

1. Make Some Race Tracks with Coloured Tape

Most children are exhilarated at the sight of moving wheels and vehicles. Make them their own tracks with tape and let them enjoy gliding their fleet of vehicles. They will stay engaged for hours racing their cars on tracks as you complete your chores.

2. Make a Permanent Hopscotch Game Indoors

We have all played a game of hopscotch as kids. Use tape instead of multi-coloured chalk and your permanent game of hopscotch is ready. You live your childhood all over as you see the kids hopping about.

3. A New-Style Dart Game

Draw concentric circles on the floor with coloured chalk and let them aim with a wet sponge. Tada! You can help your kids polish their target skills without any expense. This is one of those activities for kids that they will thoroughly enjoy.

4. Dress up the Dolls

This activity for kids is a good way for some pretend-play as well as learning life-skills and anatomy. Let the kids dress up the dolls with coloured paper and glue.

5. Clip the Rope

Well, all moms would testify that kids enjoy playing with random objects more than expensive toys and it holds their interest more if it involves a challenge. Your normal clips for hanging clothes can come pretty handy and also help to improve your kid’s motor skills. Tie a rope between two points and give them a box of cloth clips. Let the child put the clips on the rope one by one and enjoy some time to yourself.

6. Finger Painting

This is one of those activities for kids that has been a timeless favourite. Give them some paint and paper or let them dab their creativity on a wall. This will keep them entertained for hours (if you don’t mind some mess).

7. Stomp and Paint

This is another fun activity that may be a bit messy but super entertaining. Wrap a sheet of bubble wrap around their feet, give them some paint and a large sheet. It will be amazing as they walk into the paint and then over the sheet. Who knows, you may get your next masterpiece.

8. Playing Card Towers

Again a timeless favourite that the entire family can enjoy. Build castles with a pack of cards and experience the thrill of keeping it intact.

9. Help Mom Do the Laundry

Keep the laundry basket at a distance from the washing machine and let the children pick one cloth at once and put in the machine. You can make it thrilling for your kids by setting a timer. They will enjoy themselves as they run to fill the machine and you have your laundry loaded. Win-Win!

10. A Salt or Sand Tray

This is a multi-functional activity that will help the kids develop several skills at once. Fill a tray with salt or sand and let them make letters or shapes with their fingers.

Final Note

Try these amazing activities at home  and let your children enjoy and stay engaged for hours. Not only will you get some free time to yourself but also help your kids develop essential skills.