How Pooping Or Farting Can Imply The Intimacy Of Your Relationship

How Pooping Or Farting Can Imply The Intimacy Of Your Relationship

26 Sep 2018 | 3 min Read


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Think of love and romance and the first things that are likely to come to your mind are romantic dates, candlelight dinners, stolen kisses, and missed heartbeats. When you think about love at a deeper level, you usually connect the emotion with trust, commitment, and intimacy. But almost no one associates love with poop and farts. Well, the fact is pooping and farting does have a deep connection to your love life and relationship. Yes, that’s true! Pooping and farting in front of your partner is a sign of the intimate bond that you both share and your comfort level in each other’s presence.

Well, everybody poops and farts. There’s no way to deny this. Strangely, these actions are often considered to be shameful or embarrassing, even though they are a biological reality about our bodies. Maybe that’s the main reason why most people tend to carry them out without letting their partners catch them in the act. However, you can’t go on forever in this way. These being involuntary actions of the body, may surprise you at the most inopportune moments. The best way to deal with the issue is to take the liberty of doing them even when your partner is around. Interestingly, there’s much more to pooping and farting in front of your partner than just relieving your body. Let’s take a look here:

It Indicates the Comfort Level in Your Relationship

Do you believe that your beloved thinks you don’t poop or fart? No way! So, why hide it in the first place? It’s not a character flaw that you need to hide from your partner. Love is about accepting the other person with all their pluses and minuses, including their grossest habits. If you and your partner don’t feel ashamed about these bodily acts when you are in each other’s presence, it means you both have reached that comfort level in your relationship where you can be yourselves around each other.

It Signifies Confidence and a Non-Judgmental Attitude

If you both can shrug off these acts with a nonchalant statement like, “Oh my! That smells, but let’s get on with what we are doing,” it is a sign of how comfortable you both are with each other. This also stems from the fact that the two of you are non-judgmental about each other’s habits and activities. Now, such a thing can only happen when a couple enjoys a high level of support from each other and is in a truly satisfying relationship.

It’s About Revealing Your True Self

When you are truly in love, you wouldn’t want to keep back anything from your partner, right? At the same time, you would want to know everything about your partner as well. If you have that self-confidence to talk to your partner about your exes or tragic episodes in your life that you wouldn’t want to share with anyone else, why ignore being your true self when it comes to your bodily functions? Love is not just about baring your soul and body to your partner. It’s also about revealing yourself in every way possible, including smelly poops and farts.

As they say, love conquers all. So, love with all your heart and don’t struggle to hide your poops and farts.


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