Bidding Farewell To Those Pounds Part - 2

If you read the first part of this two part series then I’m sure you know about the struggle that I went through with my weight. To be honest, I have never been thin (thanks to my genes) but, I have always strived to be fit. So, this enormous amount of weight gain naturally came as a shocker to me.

As always I buckled up and got back onto my workout regime. Wondering how? With a baby to care for, how is it possible to make time for workout? It is very much possible. I’m going to share a few things that I did.

Making time – Now, this is the most important aspect. We often conclude that workouts can’t happen as we have no time to spare. It’s true in every sense but, something needs to be worked out. Wake up just 15 minutes earlier everyday to begin with and immediately start exercising. There! You just got 15 extra minutes for yourself.

Split the workouts – In continuation to the previous point, you can always split your exercises throughout the day. Research says that a good 30 minute workout each day surely yields results. I never had that kind of time in one go. So, I split my workouts in two parts. Fifteen minutes in the morning and the rest fifteen in the afternoon as soon as Riaan used to sleep. After which I too used to take a short nap with him.

Watch your plate – Another vital aspect for weight loss. From my experience, I know it’s not at all feasible to prepare ten different meals with an infant at home. So, it’s better to stick with healthy, home cooked meals and yes, do keep a watch on your portion sizes. This will be easy to follow and you won’t go off track too.

Any form of exercise – I don’t go by a rigid rulebook of workouts. I have always tried different forms of exercise and that has kept changing with time. The most important thing is to move that body. Pick whatever you like and do that. There were a few weeks where I dint feel like doing anything. So I picked up Riaan, turned on some good music and danced with him. Workout was done plus I was gifted with lots of giggles and laughs

Stroll with your baby – This benefits both of you. The day Riaan turned 4 Months, I strapped him up in my carrier and went down for a walk. He couldn’t express but, I knew he loved it and I too enjoyed that whiff of fresh air. Since then, till today we both hardly miss our evening outdoor playtime. The only difference is that now, it’s mostly me running behind to catch up with him while he zooms away on his cycle

Dress up – This is more of a self confidence tip. Always dress up well. It doesn’t matter if you are just going down to the store. Get ready for yourself and it will make you feel awesome. There were days when I dint even comb my hair. I used to shove them into a bun and just leave the house. But the moment I realised this fact, I knew what I was doing to myself. Wear whatever makes you happy, put on make up if you have the time and patience (unlike me) and go out.

Whatever said and done, please do not feel inferior because of your extra weight. It will go with the right diet and exercise. The most important thing ladies, is your happiness. A few extra kilos shouldn’t take that away from you.

Be cheerful and wishing you lots of success in your weight loss journey.

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