The Perfect Playdate
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The Perfect Playdate

The Perfect Playdate

Children and playtime are synonymous to each other. Playing is a very essential activity for the child’s physical and mental development. The best part is nowadays, children have a plethora of activities to choose from. Out of all these varied options, I personally prefer Soft play.

What is soft play?

For many of you who are wondering (like I once did) as to what is soft play – it is an activity centre for younger children wherein the equipment is made out of soft material. So, children can have a good time while you don’t have to worry about them getting injured. It’s a relatively new concept in India but,  it is surely making a mark for itself.

Riaan’s first visit to a soft play centre was two months back and he enjoyed thoroughly. He was in for one and a half hours and  was absolutely not ready to come home. My husband and me also had a great time just looking at time have so much of fun. I am sharing a few pointers about why your child should be experiencing soft play at least once.


Visual delight – The centres are usually made keeping a younger audience in mind so, it is bound to be slathered with different vibrant colours. The moment you enter the place you tend so feel so fresh.

Age group – These centres are good enough for children right from the age of 6 months up till 10 years of age.

Warehouse of energy – I’m sure all of you will agree with me that our kids are a powerhouse of energy. Sometimes, keeping them entertained and letting them drain off that excess energy seems like a task. This is where these play areas come to your rescue. Take my word! Your child will be exhausted by the end of an hour.

Activities – The number of activities they usually have are innumerable. Right from mini games to slides, capsule slides, trampolines, pit balls etc – you name it and they have it. Your children will be spoilt for choice.

Me time – Now, this is for us parents. These centres are designed in such a way that while your children have their own good time you, can just relax and sip on a coffee. Isn’t that alluring?

For the more enthusiastic parents, just grab a pair of socks and join your kids in the fun. Yes, you heard me right. Parents can also join their children and that’s exactly what we both did.

Now, a few things that may concern you as parents because I too was worried about the same.

Safety – Even though your children are right in front of you, as a parent you are bound to worry about their safety. For this, I recommend you to choose a good play centre where the staff are well trained and don’t tend to neglect their duties. I chose one such place and I’m glad I did.

Hygiene – This is mostly not a huge issue as the places are well sanitised and the kids are not allowed to enter the area with their shoes on but, at the end of the day it is our job to ensure that our kids’ are clean. Give them a great bubble bath after the session as they will anyway be covered in sweat.

Cost – I will not really put up an argument here because they are surely on the higher side – especially if you choose a good, renowned centre. But, I guess taking them there once in a while shouldn’t really pinch the pocket. It cannot be made a regular thing for sure.

In all, it’s an amazing experience which your child should be exposed to at least once. My only regret is that we dint gave such awesome play areas when we were kids. Nevertheless, as I mentioned my husband and me both relive our childhood days through Riaan. Just joking! We just grab a pair of socks and join him.

Do share your experiences of any such amazing play dates.


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