Book Review : Maoo And The Moustaches

Book Review : Maoo And The Moustaches

On our shelf is the recently released new book “Maoo and the Moustaches”, a delightful story written by Arunima Chatterjee and illustrated by Prabha Mallya. All was good with Maoo, the kitten and her favourite Urmi. Until one day Murali Mama comes. His thunderous black, thick and curly moustache scares the kitten Maoo and it runs way.


Only to encounter more and more people with dreadful and fuzzy moustaches. One day Maoo meets two other kittens and discovers suddenly that even kitten have whiskers – well not frightening as the moustache but sharp pointed white ones! Maoo re-discovers its whiskers and was now no longer afraid of the various types of thunderous, frisky moustaches and whiskers. Maoo happily returns home! The tale gets livelier with Prabha Mallya’s animation-like pictures.

Found it really an interesting read for children aged 4 or 5 years. This book simply reminded me of one of the most popular quote by Saint Kabir Das:

“Burra Jo Dekhan Mein Chala,
Burra Na Milya Koi,
Jo Dil Khoja Apna,
Mujhse Bura Na Koi”


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